A joint investigation by Special Agents with the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau
of Investigation and other state and local agencies has resulted in the arrest of a Dresden couple, on drug and TennCare
fraud charges.
In March, Agents with the Office of Inspector General joined a TBI investigation into the sale of large amounts of
hydrocodone in Weakley County, after potential TennCare fraud was discovered. The joint investigation, with the
assistance of investigators with the 27th Judicial Drug Task Force, the Dresden Police Department, and the Weakley County
Sheriff’s Department, identified Melissa and Larry Johnson as the individuals responsible for the sale of the drugs, from
March through June 2020. The TN Office of Inspector General identifies and investigates fraud among members of the
TennCare healthcare insurance program.
The Weakley County Grand Jury returned indictments charging Melissa Gail Johnson (DOB 10/05/1961) and Larry Keith
Johnson (DOB 10/18/1961) each with four counts of Sale of Schedule II (Hydrocodone) and four counts of TennCare Fraud.
The two were arrested Thursday and booked into the Weakley County Jail, where they each have a $2,500 bond.

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  1. Dennis on September 6, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Unfortunately, neither of these two dirtbags will get ANY jail time out of this… I am 99% sure that the attorney general & judge hearing the case (notice that it isn’t capitalized, because that office is so damn corrupt, that in MY eyes at least, they don’t deserve the respect of capitalizing their titles) will almost guarantee they will accept a plea deal from these criminals, and instead of sentencing them to prison, where they will lay on their asses, getting 3 hots & a cot, and instead, will sentence them to a big fine, pay court costs, and do 3 or 4 years probation, where they will have to pay the court, a fee (usually $85) every month, and overseen by a probation officer, that does everything in his power to catch them off guard, so they can charge them with “Violation of Probation” where the judge will then sentence them to 1-2 years IN PRISON, then immediately suspend the sentence in lieu of probation AGAIN, where they will then have to pay an additional MONTHLY probation fee to the court system (on top of the current existing probation fees)… If the judge puts them in prison, the courts can’t make any money off them, but if they suspend the jail/prison sentence in lieu of probation, then the court can treat the cases just like an ATM, with quite a bit of revenue being generated literally on a weekly basis, that the court operates just like a business, and generates revenue hand over fist… It’s all about the “Benjamins” folks, and doesn’t have shit to do with “justice” whatsoever… Henry County Tennessee courts are literally the worst in the country about this… In August of 2014, I was WRONGFULLY charged with domestic assault, and a few other charges, and put in jail… My bail was set at $10,000 (which I had to pay $1,000 to be released until my court appearance, where judge vicki snyder (again no capitalization) heard ALL of the details of the case, and agreed that I had been (in HER words) “WRONGFULLY CHARGED & JAILED UNDER TENNESSEE STATE LAW, AND THERE WAS POSITIVELY NO TENNESSEE STATE STATUTE, THAT SUPPORTED ANY OF MY 3 CHARGES, IN WHICH I WAS PUT IN JAIL ON…” I respectfully asked the judge, based on HER OWN WORDS, that I had been wrongfully charged & put in jail, if she would dismiss the charges? She ordered me to go in a back office, and “WORK OUT SOME KIND OF DEAL WITH THE PROSECUTOR…” I told her that I shouldn’t have to work out any deal, and that the charges SHOULD be dismissed & send me on my way. Again, I was ordered to retreat to an office in another room, to “work out a deal with the prosecutor” that day… The prosecutor, who was working under Attorney General Hansel McCadams, told me that “IF I WOULD AGREE TO PLEAS GUILTY TO THE 3 SEPARATE CHARGES THAT I HAD BEEN CHARGED WITH (which judge vicki snyder
    had already said in front of at least 100 witnesses, that ALL 3 of these charges had NO merit, and were NOT supported by ANY of the Tennessee State Statutes), BUT IF I AGREED TO PLEAS GUILTY TO ALL OF THESE CHARGES, AND PAY ALL COURT COSTS INCURRED BY THE COURT, THAT ALL OF THE CHARGES WOULD BE DISMISSED, AND MY RECORD WOULD BE COMPLETELY EXPUNGED, PAID FOR BY THE COURTS…” I was absolutely livid over this corrupt & crooked bullsh*t… This crooked judge had already said that I had been wrongfully charged & put in jail, but then she ordered me to go into another office and work out some kind of deal with the prosecutor… So, regardless of my innocence, it STILL came down to the court making money off of somebody, even though the local police had screwed up, and wrongfully arrested me to start with… So, even NOW knowing that I had proven my innocence, and the case SHOULD HAVE been dismissed without prejudice, that the Henry County General Sessions Court was not going to just squash & do away with this case until they made SOME money off of me, no matter what… So, just to squash it & be done with the case, I plead guilty to the 3 charges, and paid the court costs immediately after court adjourned ($388 I believe it was, and that also included, I believe was a $40 fee added to the court cost, WITHOUT my knowledge because I paid with a debit card, and didn’t know about an extra fee, until my card had been charged, and the clerk gave me my receipt, totaling $428 + the initial $1,000 for my bond… So, after all was said and done, it costed me over $1,400 from MY pocket, to the Henry County Tennessee General Sessions Court, for being “wrongfully” charged, arrested, AND jailed, by the judges own admissions… Approximately 30 days later, a record check showed that these charges had indeed, been expunged from my record… Threw some of my OWN research, I figured out what was/is going on in Henry County… I asked the court clerk how I would go about obtaining a copy of the court transcript of everything that transpired the day of Tuesday, August 27, 2014 so I would have an actual copy of everything that was said by ALL parties that day, and was informed that Henry County General Sessions Court, does NOT have a stenographer/court reporter, typing minutes, and no audio, or record whatsoever of anything transpiring in General Sessions Court… So, effectively there is absolutely NO record of what is said by judge AND/OR prosecutor during ANY of these proceedings/cases, effectively letting the judge and prosecutor operate any way they choose, up to and including, making somebody that they positively KNOW, and agree by their own admission, plead guilty to a charge(s) that they KNOW a person is innocent of, for the purpose of collecting “court costs” from innocent people, and because they do not have a court reporter in the courtroom, making a record of these proceedings, and because they always agree to “expunge your record at their cost, if you agree to plead guilty & pay all costs incurred by the court…”
    After they expunge somebody’s record of those charges, fingerprint cards, the booking photos, and any DNA that was collected during their arrest, then there is absolutely NO record or evidence that you were ever arrested, or appeared before the judge, in that crooked ass, kangaroo court to begin with, preventing anybody from seeking any legal action against that court, for being crooked…
    One more interesting fact… The United States Department of Justice states that ANY legal proceedings held before ANY judge, magistrate, or justice of the peace, that is wearing a black robe, or in ANY courtroom, dawning an American Flag to the left of the judge, and dawning a state flag, that contains the official seal of that state, is REQUIRED to have court reporter located IN THE COURTROOM, during ANY legal proceedings, to make an official record of ALL that courts official proceedings…
    So why doesn’t Henry County General Sessions Court in Paris, Tennessee abiding by these requirements set forth by the United States Department of Justice?? All of the members of that “kangaroo court” are aware that they aren’t following the rules, and KNOW that they are breaking the law, and believe they are untouchable, and have publicly BRAGGED about “how they are untouchable” etc… I just wish we could get somebody in Washington, with the Department of Justice to show up unannounced, seize ALL of the courts records, and do a full, complete, and exhausting investigation of the Henry County General Sessions Court, and realize that THIS court is taking CRIMINAL ADVANTAGE of quite a few (not ALL) citizens, by forcing them to plead guilty to charges they are innocent of, for the sole purpose of making them pay/collecting monies for “court costs”, in exchange for “expunging the charges from their records, at the courts expense”, and finally, NOT having a court reporter in the courtroom, preventing ANY of this criminal behavior from being challenged..

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