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Community Concerns with Shannon

Our next question comes from Jeremy Caudle from Greenfield. He asked, “Why can’t the city of Martin pave University Street because it’s so rough.”

At the city of Martin’s March board meeting, they discussed the paving of University Street. Mayor Randy Brundige said that the paving of University Street will start this August, and that all of University Street will be paved to the Obion County line beginning at the traffic light at the Lindell Street/University Street intersection. There was also a bid for streetlights on University Street that was approved by the board.

Director of Communications, Brad Thompson, said, “All we know at this time is notification that we received from TDOT. There statement was as follows:

“We have got University Street on the August letting this year. It will be from Lindell St. to the Obion County line.”

“So, this will be a TDOT project not a City of Martin Project. We were scheduled for paving on the 2024 TDOT list. Due to the worsening conditions of University Street Mayor Brundige asked that TDOT to come assess University Street and to move us up to the 2023 paving list. TDOT approved Mayor Brundige’s request.”

Nichole Lawrence from TDOT Community Relations said, “This paving is TENTATIVELY in a summer letting. It is 6.3 miles from Lindell Street to the Obion County line. It will be traditionally let.”

We hope to be able to answer a question every week from a member of the community. Just send us your questions by Monday every week. Email questions to, text questions to 731-819-4497, stop by the office, give us a call at 731-587-3144 and ask for Shannon or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We look forward to serving the community better by answering the concerns you may have surrounding any issues in Weakley County.

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  1. Beverly Lewis on March 23, 2023 at 9:51 am

    Why is it taking so long to rebuild the square at Dresden it has been over a year and nothing has been done.Beverly Lewis

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