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BREAKING: Dresden Police Officer charged with tampering with evidence

A Dresden Police Officer is being charged with tampering with evidence after failing to document the evidence after a traffic stop in October of last year.

According to a report from the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department, on March 6, WCSD Investigator Kerry Workman, was notified of a law enforcement officer employed with the Dresden Police Department that had possibly tampered with evidence recovered from a traffic stop.

Workman said in the report that he was informed that Officer Lane Vargas had conducted a traffic stop on Oct. 28 of last year at approx. 12:41a.m. on a vehicle traveling on Hwy. 22 that was exceeding the posted speed limit. During the course of the stop, Vargas recovered approx. two grams of marijuana from the passenger of the vehicle and issued a state misdemeanor citation for the marijuana.

The recovered marijuana Vargas was in possession of did not get entered into evidence at the Dresden Police Department nor was the citation issued given to Weakley County General Sessions Court, according to Workman.

Workman said he then obtained and reviewed Vargas’s body camera footage from the traffic stop as well as the citation that was issued from Dresden Police Chief Bryan Chandler. The citation was located in Vargas’s filing cabinet inside the Dresden police headquarters.

Workman said that on March 6 he spoke with Vargas about the above incident and the whereabouts of the marijuana he recovered from the traffic stop. Vargas said that he had gotten rid of the marijuana but does not remember how. Vargas also said that he did not turn the citation into General Sessions Court due to him messing up on the citation while in the process of filling it out.

According to the report, Workman said the citation was filled out correctly with a court date as well as the defendant’s signature. Workman said In the report that the defendant’s address was the only section of the citation not completed.

Based on these findings, Lane Vargas is being charged with Tampering with Evidence and Simple Poss. of Schedule VI Marijuana. Vargas was taken into custody for the above charges on March 15.