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Graffiti prompts investigation at Dresden High School

story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter

A mother took to Facebook to express her frustration regarding graffiti found on a bathroom stall at Dresden High School by her son, whose name was listed.

The graffiti, a “kill list” was written on a bathroom stall with racial slurs and a list of student names.  The mother said that her family has dealt with racism since kindergarten and that they have always taught their son to look over derogatory comments but that they “can’t teach our son to dodge a bullet.”

The list had names of students ranging from Freshmen to Senior. The mother said she spoke to DHS principal Scott Killebrew about when Weakley County Schools would be installing metal detectors and she says he told her that it was discussed in the past and determined to not be needed here yet. The mother said that “I guess a child has to die first before it’s needed.”

With violence and school shootings in schools at an all-time high, incidents like these are a concern for parents everywhere.

When this reporter reached out to the school system for a response to the Facebook post, Communication Director Erica Moore released this statement:

Graffiti Prompts Investigation

School administrators were notified early this week of an incident involving graffiti in a restroom at Dresden High School. The incident was immediately addressed on the school level. Law enforcement and affected students and parents were contacted. The graffiti was located and removed. Students identified as having a part in the incident face disciplinary action.

“Weakley County Schools does not condone this type of behavior,” said Randy Frazier, Director of Schools. “Our schools provide activities and programs that promote inclusivity. Students are required to adhere to our district’s policies while they are present and inside any of our school facilities or at school functions. We ask that parents and guardians help by having conversations with children at home about the concepts and consequences of violence, discrimination, and hate.”

Weakley County Schools will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, handicap, national origin, gender, age, political affiliation or beliefs.

Anonymously report a safety concern 24/7/365 by visiting the website The website provides the option to anonymously report via mobile app, text, web, email, or phone.

The press spoke to some of the parents of the students whose names were on the list who stated that they weren’t even contacted by the school about the matter, and they went to the school on Monday, Jan. 9 to speak to the school about it, but they haven’t heard anything since. One of the parents involved stated that the statement the school made was inaccurate due to the fact that the “parents weren’t contacted, and the school had taken no action to address it until parents stormed the office Monday morning. The school never contacted them.”

Parents are hoping for appropriate disciplinary action to be taken and state that they hope that the school takes what happened seriously and that something is done about it. Parents have stated that now that the press has become involved, and the school has made a statement about an investigation that they hope that the school will now address the issue and their concerns.

This is a developing story. More information will be provided as we receive it.



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