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Director of Weakley County Schools Randy Frazier

County Commission honors Westview Lady Chargers

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter The County Commission gave special recognition and passed a resolution to honor and congratulate the Westview High School Lady Chargers Division I—Class 2A State Champion Basketball Team. The resolution was sponsored by all eight Martin Commissioners: Larry Taylor, Larry Kelly, David Bell, Brian Donavant, David Hawks, Billy Hazelwood,…

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Budget amendments to Weakley County School fund had shaky start in HEED

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter A resolution authorizing budget amendments to the general-purpose school fund got off to a shaky start in HEED. Director of Weakley County Schools, Randy Frazier, spoke on the resolution stating, “two things on this resolution—they’re both grant monies—one is a reimbursement on special ed for high needs for…

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Community Concerns with Shannon

Our next question comes from Sabrina Bates from Martin. Sabrina asked, “Why isn’t there a time set aside at school board meetings for parents?” Sabrina said that she covers school board meetings in Carroll County too and that they don’t have a spot on their agenda for parents to ask questions either. I reached out…

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We each bloom uniquely, but at Sharon School, we grow together

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter     The Weakley County School Board met at Sharon school for the March meeting. Principal Michelle Clements spoke on the great things happening at Sharon schools stating that the last time a meeting was had at the school was in March of 2020.   Clements said that…

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Graffiti prompts investigation at Dresden High School

story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter A mother took to Facebook to express her frustration regarding graffiti found on a bathroom stall at Dresden High School by her son, whose name was listed. The graffiti, a “kill list” was written on a bathroom stall with racial slurs and a list of student names.  The…

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County approves moving forward with multiple revenue projects

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter The Financial Management Committee met Jan. 3 to discuss and move forward with multiple revenue projects for the county. The first, a CDL training center, would help locals not have to travel over an hour away to get their CDL license and it would also bring in customers…

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