Truck exhaust ordinance passed in city of Dresden

By: Amanda Mansfield

Press Reporter

Loud truck exhaust noise complaints have been addressed in the city of Dresden. During Monday night’s Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, an ordinance was unanimously approved on the first reading that will give police the ability to write citations for vehicles with exhaust noises of over 90 decibels from 50 feet away. Anyone driving a vehicle that emits these loud exhaust noises are subject to be ticketed and appear in city court. City attorney, Beau Pemberton added, “not only does this address the person operating the vehicle, it also addresses the sale of mufflers by shops that operate in Dresden city limits.” Alderman Lyndal Dilday questioned, “is this just vehicle noises, or does it apply to radios as well?” Pemberton explained that there was already a state statute that deals with that, and this ordinance “would be a supplement.” The ordinance passed on its first reading, and there will be a public hearing during the Septembet meeting.

In other citation news, Interim Police Chief, Chris Crocker presented his report, which included several tickets on Pikeview Street. Alderman Gwin Anderson questioned the need for a 30mph zone on that street, and he also noted that per the police department’s report, 55 percent of the tickets written for the month were on Pikeview Street. Mayor Jeff Washburn said, “I don’t think we’re overly abusive, but I do agree there has been too much emphasis on Pikeview Street.”

A local business owner, who was scheduled to present a plan to build an elevated platform to encroach into a city-owned alley, was not present during the meeting nor was his plans sent to members of the Board. Anderson stated, “they have a tough hill to go on this,” as he mentioned that he was afraid it would affect the aesthetics of the area. Dilday stated, “I’d like to know how far out it will go and how it’s going to look from the street.” This discussion was postponed until the next meeting.

In election news, the Board unanimously approved mail-in ballots for Property Rights Voters in the city of Dresden. Pemberton stated, “this will apply to the November elections.” Additionally, the Board unanimously approved an ordinance that would change the wording of the city’s Charter to coincide with national and state elections. The wording will state that city elections are to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. This ordinance was unanimously approved on its first reading, and a second reading will take place during next months meeting.

In other news, the Public Works department has been made aware of some problems regarding improper drainage that is leaving many businesses and homeowners with issues they want the city to address. Public Works Director, Kerry Cooper stated that the culvert behind the old BP station was eroding, causing the pavement to fall in. Mayor Washburn added that the ditch behind Vaughn Brothers has begun to erode back and is causing the ditch to move toward the back of a nearby house. Additionally, the new pavement in front of Vaughn Brothers has started to cave in, due to the drainpipe that runs along the street. Washburn stated, “that pipe seems to be rusting from the bottom, up.” Washburn said these concerns were going to be addressed by the city of Dresden, as it is the city’s responsibility per the ordinance from 1964, when the storm drain was installed.

Editor’s note: Amanda Mansfield is a news writer for The Press. She may be contacted by email at



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