Evidence recovered in identity theft incident

In October 2019 the identity of a woman from Weakley County was used by two women in Shelby County and Hot Springs, Arkansas, to obtain merchandise and cash. Weakley County sheriff’s investigators obtained vehicle tags and other evidence and discovered that one of the alleged perpetrators name was Toni Gibson and that she lived somewhere in Memphis. Because the crimes occurred outside of Weakley County investigators from the Tennessee Highway Patrol assisted in the case. On Tuesday, Aug. 11, investigators from the Shelby County sheriff’s department executed a search warrant at Toni Gibson’s house in southeast Shelby County and recovered evidence linking Toni Gibson to the theft of the Weakley County woman’s identity along with other Shelby County cases, along with almost 100 fake driver’s licenses. She will be charged in Shelby County by the Tennessee highway Patrol investigators with numerous crimes related to the case involving the Weakley County victim. When identified, the second female will also be charged.



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