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City of Martin to Conduct Special Census

The City of Martin plans to conduct a citywide special census over the next three weeks. The citywide census will take place within the incorporated municipality of the City of Martin and will be conducted via electronic submissions using digital media, United States Postal Service, and personal contact via door-to-door canvassing with assistance from the Martin Police Department.

Martin residents are encouraged to be on the lookout for information regarding how to submit the required special census information and how to participate in the special census. The form submission is simple and should take less than five minutes for anyone to complete the survey. The form submission requires the street address, total number of persons living in the household, and the individual names of those living in the household. No other information is required.

City leadership believes that the 2020 decennial census is not an accurate reflection of the 2024 population for the City of Martin, as 2020 reported the population to be 10,825, a loss from a 2010 decennial census of 11,473. City officials believe there was not a loss but, likely, growth. Brad Thompson, Director of Economic and Community Development, is leading the special census effort.

“Population accounts as a baseline factor when it comes to economic development projects for a municipality, and population is also directly tied to the amount of state-shared revenues a municipality receives,” Thompson said.

The State of Tennessee distributes tax proceeds to Tennessee municipalities based on their population reported by the US Census Bureau. Cities and counties are allowed under the Tennessee Code Annotated the TCA) to conduct a special census to document population change between federal decennial censuses.

For more information regarding the required process that the City of Martin will be following visit the Tennessee State Data Center online at,