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Stolen vehicle, drugs recovered after traffic stop on Thursday

Thursday evening around 3:30 p.m., The Dresden Police Department instructed the Weakley County Dispatch to issue a BOLO (Be on the lookout) for a 2011 Black Nissan Amarda after reports indicated it was taken from a residence earlier on Thursday. The BOLO indicated that the vehicle is possibly driven by a Zakary Walters.

According to a report from the Gleason Police Department, Dresden had active warrants on the subject for theft of a motor vehicle. A contact stop and hold for Dresden Police was issued.

Patrolman Jonathan McDowell received a call from dispatch and was given information that the vehicle was last seen on Hwy. 124 leaving Greenfield. McDowell responded to 3 Circle Drive earlier in the day and spoke to a subject that advised the officers that their son Dustin Wright was in this vehicle with Zakary Walters.

McDowell informed the owner of the vehicle that they needed to file a report with Dresden Police. Having prior knowledge on some of the locations these two visited, according to the report, McDowell began looking within the Dresden city limits. McDowell made contact with the vehicle from the BOLO at 405 West St. in Gleason.

Around 4 p.m. yesterday, McDowell made a traffic stop on a vehicle resulting in Zakary Walters, Dustin Wright and Lexiey Mealer being detained. While placing them in handcuffs McDowell said that he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from both the males and really strong from within the vehicle.

Both Wright and Walters appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant. Both admitted to smoking marijuana. McDowell said he then requested assistance from dispatch. Officer Jared Willcutt of the Dresden Police along with Officer Danny Bruington from the Weakley County Sheriff Department arrived for backup.

Having probable cause to believe drugs were inside a search was conducted. Officer Willcutt did find a white grocery bag full of marijuana in the back seat. The bag was originally inside a black and gray adidas backpack.

According to the report, no one claimed ownership of the bag. All parties were charged with simple possession. McDowell also discovered a clear bag with a comer torn open with white powder in it under the rear tire where the officer had taken Dustin Wright into custody.

Wright admitted to tampering with evidence and attempted to destroy the methamphetamine inside the bag. Mealer said that she was unaware the vehicle was stolen. Walters claimed he had permission to drive the car. Wright said that he was just a passenger in the vehicle.

All three suspects were charged and transported to the Weakley County Jail.

McDowell collect all evidence and properly entered the product into the report system used by Gleason Police. The owner did arrive and take possession of his vehicle.

Walters was wearing the red and white Nike Air Jordans reported missing, so those shoes were collected and returned to the resident of 3 Circle Drive.