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Search warrant leads to over 25 grams of meth found in Dresden man’s vehicle

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter


On Tuesday, March 28 at 6:55 pm Deputy Gary Eddings with the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department observed a Ford Explorer traveling south on Highway 22 driving out of its lane several times. After running the tag on the vehicle as it was pulling into a gas station and following him there, the driver, Brett Daniel Turner, exited the vehicle and Eddings asked him why he was driving erratically, and Turner responded that he had a low tire.


Turner then walked around the vehicle looking at the tires and Eddings stated that there were no low tires and Turner agreed. Eddings noted that Turner had glassy eyes, was sweating and restless and seemed to be under the influence. After checking with dispatch, it was found that Turner had a warrant for his arrest for shoplifting.


Eddings then placed Turner in the back of his patrol vehicle and searched his vehicle. It was then that Turner started trying to kick the back window out of the vehicle and Eddings requested for another officer to respond so he could place Turner in leg shackles.


Eddings stated that Turner was screaming and hollering along with kicking on the vehicle. Eddings opened the door and Turner stated that he had a hypodermic syringe in his back pocket and that it was sticking him. Eddings reached in to get the needle and calm Turner down and said that he could tell that he was under the influence of some type of drug with his behavior being the way it was.


Deputy Aguilar and an officer from Dresden Police Department assisted Eddings in getting Turners legs shackled and he was transported to jail. Turner would not submit to a blood test, so Eddings got a search warrant signed by Judge Tommy Moore to draw a blood sample which was done at the jail.


In the vehicle search done by Aguilar four blue morphine pills were located along with another hypodermic syringe in the center console. A green spoon was also located with white residue powder on it. The vehicle was towed by Watson Body shop and on Wednesday, March 29 Eddings got a search warrant for the vehicle to search for narcotics and a plastic bag was located in the left front wheel, right where Turner was acting like he was checking his tire, which contained 25.5 grams of crystal meth rocks in it. Five bags of insulin syringes were located in the passenger floorboard.


The shoplifting charge was for March 23 when Patrolman Adams with the Martin Police Department was dispatched to Walmart for a shoplifting that had occurred the day before. The charge was for $112.80 of items.


Turner has a long history of over 60 charges dating back to 2006 in Weakley County alone.


DISCLOSER: Information obtained came from the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department affidavit provided by Deputy Gary Eddings, an affidavit from Patrolman Adams from Martin Police Department and Weakley County Court Dockets website.




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