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McKenzie woman arrested for drugs and falsification of drug test

On March 25 at 2:49 pm, Deputy Brandyn Brown with the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) performed a traffic stop on a silver Nissan Sentra across the road from the WCSD for traveling at 68-mph in a 45-mph zone.


After making contact with the driver, 44-year-old Rachel Austin, he advised her that he detected the smell of marijuana and she said that she had half a joint and produced it from an ashtray in a cup holder in the center console.


Brown asked Austin to exit the vehicle so he could perform a probable cause search. After exiting, Austin advised Brown that she wanted to be honest and that she had Xanax pills in her purse. The search found 21 blue pills located in Austin’s purse marked as Alprazolam in an L&M cigarette pack.


Further search of the vehicle produced two bottles of synthetic urine located in the center console. Brown advised Austin that it was illegal to possess synthetic urine for the purposes of falsifying a probation drug screen and she stated that she was not on probation, but that she had it in case she needed to pass a drug screen at work.


Austin was placed into custody. When speaking with a family member on the phone, she was asked if she had a prescription for the pills and she advised that she did not but bought the pills for her birthday.


Austin was charged with simple possession of Schedule VI, possession of Schedule IV, speeding and falsification of drug test results.


DISCLOSER: Information obtained came from the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department affidavit provided by Deputy Brandyn Brown.

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