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Gleason to take out its trash with RaeKar

Story by Megan Dame, Press Reporter

A severe storm tore through the area recently, bringing both heavy rainfall and dangerous wind gusts. The storm included flash flooding, and many toppled trees. When the skies cleared and the water receded, tree limbs and debris were left behind.

Gleason’s mayor Charles Anderson took a moment to recognize and commend the city’s public works employees for their cleanup efforts. Anderson said the workers also helped by picking up brush left on the roadside. Anderson said the city’s current garbage pickup company, Republic Services did not pick up the brush and commended the department for stepping up.

Anderson told the board that the city’s lease agreement with Republic Services is about to expire at the end of the month. Beginning
April 7, the city’s garbage disposal contract with RaeKar Waste Management – West Tennessee. Tammy Morgan, a customer service representative, was present to answer questions. According to Morgan, residential pickup will begin on Friday, April 7, with the commercial pickup of dumpsters starting on Wednesday, April 5, and Friday, April 7. Commercial pickup will take place three times per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Bulk item pickup will take place on the third Thursday and Friday of each month. In cases of inclement weather; bulk pickup will shift to the next available weekday. Morgan said the company had sent letters to Gleason residents which contain vital information on the cart rental process, pickup days, and instructions for placing the carts roadside correctly.

Gleason city attorney Beau Pemberton also wanted to remind residents that there are ordinances in place regarding the placement of
bulk pickup items. “The bulk pickup dates are set and you can’t place bulk pickup items out at the beginning of the month and just leave it for three weeks. Please place those items on the week it is set for,” Pemberton said. He warned that violations of the city’s ordinances will be written up.

The March meeting was also the final meeting for Gleason’s chief of police, Brian Legons. After addressing the board to deliver his
monthly report, Legons thanked the mayor, aldermen, and community of Gleason for the support he had received during his years of leading the city’s police department. “I’ll still be around and still get to see everyone, but I am so grateful for you all and the support you gave me and my officers,” Legons said.

Anderson then recognized Marcus Hopper as Gleason’s new chief of police, effective April 1. Hopper introduced himself and said he was eager to work with the city of Gleason. Hopper spent 10 years with the U.S. Marine Corps. And will replace Legons, who has accepted a sales position with Justice One, a software and technology company for public safety services.

Gleason’s water department superintendent Tony Terrell updated the mayor and board on the city’s ongoing maintenance work on its water tanks. Terrell explained that every five years the city’s water tanks are inspected and any issues or violations are written up. According to Terrell, the city’s water tanks only receive minor write ups. He said these are mainly regular maintenance issues.
Terrell said the tanks will be sanitized and repaired one at a time. The work can only be completed with the tank offline. Once the
maintenance is complete, a water sample must be sent to the state lab in Paris for testing. If the water comes back with no contamination, they will be put back into service. “Don’t you worry, we have plenty of water. This is a step we take to protect both the city and its residents,” Terrell said.

The board passed an ordinance to increase the city’s tap fee by 25 percent. Anderson said he had several residents contact him about the ordinance and wanted to clarify the ordinance. Anderson explained that the city was not raising the usage rate for existing customers. He said this increase is for the initial installation of a new tap. “This is for new customers and will not affect the accounts of current customers,” Anderson explained.

The mayor also informed the board that the city had approved the beer permit for the city’s Little General convenience stores.
Anderson told the board that the city will benefit from the business. He said a representative from the company is slated to address the board at its next monthly meeting, which is set for Monday, April 17 at 7 p.m. at Gleason City Hall.

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