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Sharon man charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct

On Feb. 2 Weakley County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to Martin Avenue in Sharon regarding a house window that was busted out.

The homeowners stated that 19-year-old Nathan King punched out the bedroom window. The bedroom window was found to be broken from inside the house, with broken glass found on the grass outside. King did have a bloody hand from punching out the window.

A statement was filled out by the homeowner.

When King was placed in the patrol vehicle he started to act up, kicking the door from the inside and repeatedly banging his head on the cage in the patrol vehicle which caused bleeding from a laceration. King then had to be transported to the emergency room in Martin for medical assistance where he ended up receiving multiple staples on his forehead.

King was then transported to the Weakley County Jail. He has been charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct.

DISCLOSURE: All information in this story came from the affidavits provided by Sergeant Zach Brock with the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department.

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