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Dresden swears in new mayor and alderman

Story by Shannon Taylor Senior Investigative Reporter

On Nov. 23 at 12 p.m., Judge Tommy Moore swore in the new mayor, Mark Maddox, and three alderman, Gwin Anderson, Curtis Doran and Dale Hutcherson.

Before the ceremony started, Maddox spoke to a packed city hall, with an emphasis on “Now let us begin the work” as he gave a speech to the rapt audience.

Maddox thanked God for blessing everyone and thanked the board of alderman, Moore, City Recorder Jennifer Branscum, the employees and citizens of Dresden and all those who took time to attend.

Maddox then said, “Now let us begin the work. We will work together to bring unity to our government so those that watch from within Dresden, the citizens of Dresden, can witness leadership at its best. We will not always agree but we can always listen o each other and find the common ground that is best for our town. My hope is that we will not let ego or personal agenda stand in the way of doing better for our citizens.”

Maddox repeated, “Now let us begin the work. We will work together to realize a community where we help each other and no one is left out, an inviting community where industry can thrive, and people can find meaningful things to do that impact their world positively.”

Maddox again stated, “Now let us begin the work. Using our common sense, our common passion for this town and love for each other, we can silence the naysayers and those who wish to tear us down and empower those who want to help the people of Dresden to prosper. We can build a Dresden that we will be proud to pass on to the next generation of leaders, the next generation of doers, the next generation of a Great City.”

Maddox finished with, “your honor, please swear in the alderman then the mayor and with the help of God, let us begin the work!”

Moore then swore in all the alderman and the new mayor. Maddox finished by thanking everyone for coming.

The next city board meeting with the new mayor and alderman will be Monday, Dec. 5 at 6 pm at City Hall.

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