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Our print location has changed, but The Weakley County Press and the Union City Messenger will continue to deliver

Stop the presses!

It’s a common newspaper phrase often associated with breaking news so important that updates need to be made before papers should be distributed to readers.

However, in this case, it represents the end of an era of printing our own newspaper.

Due to ongoing staffing shortages, we will no longer be able to print at our Union City facility. However, the Press will continue with our publication and the Messenger will continue to have two print editions each week with our printing done elsewhere. (A few untimely social media posts had some readers confused that we were shutting our doors on the newspaper business, but that is far from the truth. Only our printing will take place elsewhere, and some people may not have even realized we were doing our printing on-site anyway.)

Good pressmen are hard to come by because they require such specialized training that can take years to attain. We’ve been blessed to have some of the very best throughout the history of our print shop. While we have had as many as five quality pressmen at one time, we have been limited to two for the last nine months and they have done an exceptional job taking care of our newspaper, as well as the many other publications we print on a weekly basis.

One of those last two pressmen was on his way out but, in what was almost amazingly perfect timing, we finally hired a pressman from South Dakota and he was able to come in for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, he made a weekend trip back to the Mount Rushmore State and never returned due to health issues.

For decades, we have taken great pride in our quality printing, with countless numbers of businesses and organizations bringing their print work to us because of that quality. In addition to our print jobs, we are working hard to help our clients find printers for their jobs, as well.

To our newspaper customers and advertisers, we ask for patience during this transition.

From a newspaper standpoint, we will be adjusting some of our hours for our print editions, including having earlier deadlines so our printer can fit us into their schedule. Ideally, this means we will have newspapers available to the public before noon on Tuesdays for both the Press and the Messenger, and Thursdays as well for the Messenger.

Some news coverage that takes place Monday nights, however, will now appear in the Messenger’s Thursday editions due to the shorter deadlines, and some weekend news will now be posted online Monday and in the following week’s Press.

We are going to continue to provide the best local coverage around. And we welcome input in suggestions on improving the newspaper moving forward.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. And – if you hear rumors that we are closing our publications – give us a call so that we can assure you that we’re still here and going stronger than ever.



Messenger Editor, David Critchlow Jr. may be contacted by email at  HYPERLINK “mail” \t “_blank”

Press General Manager, Lynette Calhoun Wagster may be contacted at

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