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With advances in technology, fishing taken to another level

With advances in technology, fishing taken to another level

Posted: Friday, June 14, 2013 9:36 pm
By: By Brent Callicott

The Messenger 06.14.13

This week, I want to shed a little light on bass fishing and why it is such a great sport.
Fishing, like many other sports, has been taken to the next level due to two things that I see. One, the technology has gotten to the unbelievable stage. Second, with the multimedia that we have now with TV, newspaper print, magazine, Facebook, tweeting and many others, it allows more exposure to the sport of fishing. Another thing to remember, the fish have to be smarter than ever today, with the technology, but at the same time the fishermen are getting smarter each time out on the water.
One of the greatest things about bass is that there are so many ways to catch a bass. Choosing the right bait is such a subjective topic that nobody can claim with absolute certainty to know the best bait or pattern. But to be quiet honest with you, bass are opportunists and will at certain times eat almost anything and at other times eat almost nothing.
There are so many bait companies, baits that they make and everything in between. I’m partial to Strike King Lure Company myself. They have been in the business for many years, their employees are all fisher-people for the most part and they have the No. 1 professional team combined.
If you claim to be a perfectionist when it comes to bass fishing, you are guaranteed to fail if you expect to make the right choice every time. You can do your homework and have a good knowledge of what should be the best choices, but you should be prepared for the unexpected. Otherwise, you may be the only one not catching fish. Pattern changes in bass can be caused by many things but one of the most important is weather.
This is why I, along with my dad, have and always will pay so much attention to the weather forecast. It does make that much of a difference. We also pay attention to the solar lunar tables. Bass can be caught 365 days a year.
Do you homework as much as possible, this means lake conditions, pattern conditions, weather conditions, etc… Keep up with the fishing reports, fishing forums, and the seasonal patterns of the lakes you plan to fish.
Confidence is extremely important. It doesn’t matter how much you read or watch on TV, until you actually catch a fish on a lure you won’t have confidence in it. I know I’m the worst when it comes to wanting to stay with just one pattern that has worked for me in days, weeks, months or even years past. Patterns do change and so do the bass. This separates the men from the boys, so to speak. The guy who goes out on a regular basis will more than likely figure out the pattern long before a weekend type angler like myself and many of you.
Our tendencies are to throw the baits we have the most confidence in — and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I have a suggestion. When your confidence baits are working their best, that is when you should try other baits and locations. Don’t wait until you can’t catch anything on your go-to baits in you favorite honey holes before trying new lures and spots.
Fishing log history is probably the most useful guide to get a starting point on what baits to throw. A good fishing log can tell us exactly what caught fish under the same conditions.
A bass log or fishing log can be as generic or as specific as you want it to be. The more details you know and apply, the more different ways you will be able to catch a bass. The great thing about bass fishing is that there are millions of combinations of ways to catch them. There is never a completely right or wrong way to catch them.
Going into the hot summer months, water levels continue to be rather high for many bodies of waters in our area.
The water levels on Reelfoot Lake continue to be a little higher than normal which is really good. As of mid week, Reelfoot Lake sat at the 282.80 feet above sea level mark. This is several inches above the normal level with the normal level being 282.20 feet above sea level. As we continue to get these weekly rains, they are helping Reelfoot Lake maintain a good water level which should keep oxygen levels good. But the warm weather has hit this week with some 90s reported. As the temperatures rise, so does the evaporation rate area wide. The two combined will “zap” water out of any body of water is a fairly rapid pace.
Kentucky Lake has also seen it share of high water already this year. The lake is now once again back up around a foot or so above the normal summer pool level mark of 359.0 feet above sea level mark. As of mid-week, the water level was in the 360.90 feet above sea level range.
The Mississippi River has also been rather high most of the spring and early summer.
TWRA is reporting that there were no boating-related fatalities reported over the 2013 Memorial Day holiday weekend.
This also marks the third consecutive year that the unofficial weekend start to the summer boating season has been free of boating fatalities.
During the Memorial Day holiday period from Friday, May 24 through Monday, May 27, there were eight total reported boating accidents for the second straight year. Three of the accidents resulted in injuries and the other five were property damage accidents.
TWRA officers made 11 boating under the influence (BUI) statewide arrests, three of the arrest resulting from boating accidents. The BUI arrests were a decrease of 11 from 2012 Memorial Day weekend.
There have been nine boating-related fatalities in Tennessee. There were seven fatalities at this time last year.
Til next week’s column,
Catch ya on the water folks.

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