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Obion County art students earn honors at annual show

Obion County art students earn honors at annual show

Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 6:00 pm

The Messenger 06.12.13

The Obion County Central High School Art Department recently held its 46th Annual Art Show in the school’s main gymnasium.
This year’s entries featured nearly 2,700 pieces of student artwork representing 210 Art 1 students, 56 Art 2 students, 42 Art 3 students and 22 Art 4 students, for a total of 330 art students.
Some art was also featured from this year’s 42 elementary students who participated in the Art Club-sponsored after-school art program.
Nearly 60 students were honored with various awards based on their winning contributions to the Art Show.
The highest award given was Best of Show for overall work, which is based on the number of ribbon-winning entries.
In Art 1, two Best of Show honors were given to Michaela Cochran and Imori Sergerson. Art 2 featured Alexis Ryan and Amber Dycus, while in Art 3 and 4, which are judged together, there was a four-way tie among four Art 4 students who all received ribbons on every single entry. This highest honor went to Savanna Garrison, Rebecca Bloodworth, Mason Warren and Jake Bell.
Megan Rock also received a Best of Show for her photography contributions.
Honorable mention, the next highest award, went to Ali McEwen and Kaitlynn Southerland for Art 1; Stella Preuett and Austin Roach for Art 2; Chelsey Brinkley for Art 3; Caleb Bloxom for Art 4; and Imori Sergerson for photography.
Special mention awards were given to those students who received a very high number of ribbons for their overall entries. Recognized for their exemplary efforts were Mathew Tittle, Allison Wicker and Tristen Miller in Art 1; Jessica Hobbs, Amber Cunningham, Teresa Readenour and Lauren Kendall in Art 2; Austin Simpson, Mallori Conley, Jessica Parnell and Justis Allen in Art 3; and Samantha Bonskowski, Erick Morales, Savanna Brown and Johnny Cooper in Art 4.
The final group of students who were recognized received the honor roll award, given to those students who went far beyond the minimum required number of entries and were rewarded for their extra effort.
Art 1 students who received the honor roll award were Morgan Bennett, Samantha Davis, Mariah Hudson, Mikayla Scillion, Nate Finch, Rachel Jones, Laina Roberson, Jocelyn Reyna, Alex Wilson, Haley Grady, Michelle Andersen, Zach Cochran, Zach Huey, Blake Powers, Klayton Hagan, Chris Hodges, Dakota Hinson, Cameron Rollins and Kelsey Pollock. Those in advanced art classes who received the award were Terri Faye Doughten, Dakota Smith and Brady Chandler in Art 2; Arturo Guerrero, Kayla Miller, Kelly Wherry and Nick Miller in Art 3; and Garrett Stanford in Art 4.
OCCHS art students are taught by Suzanne Hill and Glen Marshall.

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