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Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013 6:00 pm

Sunday, we were blessed to have Scott and Sandy Chadwick at the church. They are missionaries from Martin who are spreading the gospel in Sofia, Bulgaria, where they now live. They have also been to Spain, Romania, Portugal and Syria, just to name a few.  They provided a slide show and Bro. Scott sang a special. He brought the message from Ezekiel 37. When we are dead in spirit, God can breath his Spirit in us and make us come alive and revive us.

Rick King and the band led the music service and William McRee sang a special.

Sunday was a wonderful start to our revival, which ran through Tuesday, June 4 (a correction from last week’s newsletter).

That night Bro. Brent Davidson brought the message from Acts 2. If we are excited enough about our love for God and people, we will obey Him and pray, and souls will be added to the church. Andy and Andrea Snider brought the special music. 

Bro. Jack Long and Bro. Wayne Perkins were the evangelists Monday and Tuesday nights. Our special music was provided by Rick and Cassie on Monday and Quint and Amanda Spraggs on Tuesday.

The church and youth are very excited about their upcoming mission trip to East Tennessee in July. 


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