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UC department heads submitting spending plans

UC department heads submitting spending plans
Associate Editor
Union City’s budget for fiscal year 2013-14 is almost ready.
City manager Kathy Dillon informed the city council Tuesday night that all her department heads have submitted their budgets and she is waiting on the state before being able to complete the process.
Tennessee recently reappraised property in the county and the property assessor’s office has been hearing grievances. Those which cannot be settled will have to be heard before the Board of Equalization, which is expected to meet soon.
Until all is settled, Union City will not know how much the assessed value of property is in the city and will not know what the tax rate will be. Ms. Dillon told the council the city has been trying to include a 1-cent increase each year to keep up with inflation and so that a significant increase would not have to be made in a single year.
She said she is not sure what tax rate will be needed in order to maintain the budget and cover projects the city has already started.
The council has several options, she said, including the council adopting a rate to equal the value needed or waiting to see what the assessment will be.
They agreed to discuss their option more in-depth at an orientation session, knowing the budget will not be approved by July 1.
Mayor Terry Hailey said it may not be before July, but it “will not be in December either.”
In a related matter, the city received a letter of resignation from Mike Daniel from the Board of Equalization. Hailey said the person who accepts the appointment to replace Daniel will need to be able to devote five days in a row once per year when the board meets from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day. The council did not have any recommendations Tuesday night.
After the meeting was opened in prayer by city attorney Jim Glasgow Jr., the council:
• Awarded a bid for demolition of property at 613 Glendale St. to Autry’s Trenching and Trackhoe for $1,595. The only other bid came from Hank Riley Excavating at $4,375.
• Passed a resolution acknowledging a real estate transfer from the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation to the city at no cost for the purpose of building a service road at Discovery Park of America, with the stipulation the property remain for public use. DPA has agreed to maintain the road, Ms. Dillon said.
• Heard the urgent care clinic which plans to locate in a lot near Walmart recently submitted a revised plan to the planning commission for a medical-retail complex.
• Approved a contract between the city and Northwest Tennessee Development District for the administration of a grant for the installation of an elevated water tank at the Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Park. Ms. Dillon said the beginning of this process dates before her time and the contract was either overlooked or it cannot be found. It is a professional service and does not have to be bid out, she noted. The fee is $10,000.
• Rescheduled the June 18 meeting to June 20 at 5:30 p.m. as both the city manager and mayor have to be out of town.
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Published in The Messenger 6.5.13

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