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OC students earn recognition for academic achievement

OC students earn recognition for academic achievement

Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 6:00 pm

A number of undergraduate students from Obion County are among those honored for outstanding academic achievement at the University of Tennessee at Martin with publication of the spring Chancellor’s Honor Rolls.
To be eligible for Chancellor’s Honor Roll recognition at UT Martin, a student must take at least 12 hours of credit (pass-fail courses are not included) and achieve a 3.2 (B) grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.
Students can make the Chancellor’s Honor Roll with honors (3.2 through 3.49), high honors (3.5 through 3.79) or highest honors (3.8 through 4.0).
Among the honorees from Obion County or with connections to Obion County are:
Hornbeak — Alton R. Alexander, honors; Jeffrey A. Alexander, highest honors; Christopher A. Douglas, highest honors; Susan B. Douglas, high honors; James W. Gookin, honors; Amber N. Hall, highest honors; Mollie J. Scott, highest honors; and Terri D. Whitmore, highest honors.
Kenton — Anna K. Hardin, high honors.
Obion — Andrew P. Berry, highest honors; Amanda L. Correa, high honors; Jeremy K. Green, high honors; Crystal D. Jones, high honors; Maria D. Rodriguez, high honors; Chelsea D. Southerland, highest hHonors; and Jennifer A. Webber, high honors.
Rives — Jennifer L. Brooks, highest honors; Tabitha P. Brown, honors; Madaline L. Harris, honors; Darrin R. Howard, high honors; Jenna A. Land, high honors; Brittany N. Lyell, highest honors;  Christopher L. Palmer, high honors; Juan Jose Mora Rivas, highest honors; Krista N. Tate, high honors; and Jeriann Webster, high honors.
South Fulton — Jessica A. Baker, high honors; Marina G. Barclay, honors; Andrea K. Coffman, high honors; Chelsea L. Crews, highest honors; Sheridan L. Daniels, highest honors; Tanika L. Dickerson, highest honors; Maeghan M. Eaves, high honors; Charles S. Ellegood, high honors; Jonathan L. French, high honors; Seth D. Frields, honors; Sarah N. Gammon, highest honors; Andrew P. Greer, honors; Rebecca M. Grogan, honors; Brandy A. Hutchens, highest honors; Mark S. Maloney, high honors; Cayce E. Martin, high honors; Macy T. Maxwell, honors; Melissa L. McCartney, highest honors; Holly R. McClanahan, high honors; James D. Mulcahy, highest honors; Zachary K. Nabors, highest honors; Victoria C. Perez, honors; Anna M. Seratt, high honors; William B. Sisson, highest honors; Payton E. Swader, honors; Adam D. Tolley, high honors; Kayla E. Wade, high honors; and Jing Yu, high honors.
Troy — Bradley J. Barbour, high honors; Lacy R. Eaves, honors; Jackquelyn K. Hayes, highest honors; Kisha D. Kelly, hHigh honors; Nathaniel S. Kendall, honors; Thomas W. Kendall, highest honors; Brandon J. King, honors; Laurie B. Kissell, honors; Cory A. Luther, high honors; Radford K. McDavid, high honors; Ian M. McGrew, high honors; Kaitlyn E. O’Kelley, highest honors; Justin D. Preuett, high honors; Crystal F. Rerick, honors; Joshua C. Robinson, high honors; and Amber L. Victory, honors.
Union City — Victoria P. Abrigo, high honors; Jessica L. Andrews, high honors; William H. Arnold, highest honors; Patricia L. Avery, honors; Brittany M. Barnett, highest honors; Denise N. Bell, highest honors; Erin L. Bing, highest honors; Chelsea E. Boyd, high honors; Eric R. Brann, honors; Dylan G. Brown, honors; Britton M. Bugg, high honors; Kyle H. Byassee, high honors; Jerrie C. Carrington, high honors; Cari B. Cash, highest honors; John C. Castellaw, high honors; Maghen S. Clancy, high honors; Dayna L. Cox, high honors; Mary A. Crews, honors; Helen C. Davis, honors; Jackson R. Donnell, high honors; Johnny T. Dyer, highest honors; Dorothy D. Eaves, highest honors; Sarah L. Forker, honors; Felicia C. Freeman, high honors; Artie J. French, highest honors; Derek H. Giffin, highest honors; Larry B. Greer, honors; Kailey J. Hagan, high honors; Brian A. Halford, honors; Caitlin D. Hall, high honors; Mark C. Hall, high honors; Katie L. Hawks, honors; Bradley T. Henderson, highest honors; Henry D. Hutchins, honors; Kameron L. Jackson, high honors; Treymar D. Johnson, highest honors; Matthew R. Keathley, highest honors; Sherri M. Langford, highest honors; Craig E. Lowrance, honors; Trey Maddox, highest honors; Ashley N. Marshall, high honors; Mallory A. Martin, highest honors; Lucia Martinez, highest honors; Chelsey A. Mathis, honors; Audrey L. McGarity, high honors; Victoria D. Mitchell, honors; Joseph D. Morgan, high honors; Andy Nelson, honors; Benjamin T. Noles, honors;  Melisa A. Pollock, highest honors; Alexandra N. Rapp, high honors; Kelsey M. Reed, high honors; Gentry S. Reedy, honors; Will J. Regan, highest honors; Lauren D. Richards, high honors; Michael G. Ruddy, highest honors; Laura Sanchez, honors; Nancy Sanchez, high honors; Katelyn E. Searcy, high honors; Landon C. Sowell, highest honors; Andrew J. Speed, honors; Joseph C. Speed, high honors; Michelle R. Stanley, honors; Kristin E. Storey, high honors; Samantha D. Storey, highest honors; Lisa R. Strain, honors; Chelsea J. Thomas, highest honors; Kandace F. Tomlinson, honors; Sarah C. Triplett, highest honors; Melinda S. VanCleave, highest honors; Katie B. Vancleave, honors; Jennifer A. Villa, high honors; Andrew L. Warner, honors; Kacee A. Warren, high honors; William P. Wesner, highest honors; David B. Wharton, highest honors; Ashley D. Williams, honors; Richard B. Williams, high honors; Colton A. Woodward, honors; and Corey A. Youree, honors.
Campus mail — Terrence L. Bishop, high honors.
Martin — Ken S. Covington, highest honors; Adrienne R. Devasier, high honors; Cameron T. Graham, highest honors; James K. Hardin, highest honors; Kenneth J. Hepler, high honors; Kimberly A. Hernandez, high honors; Shelley M. Hutchins, highest honors; Brooke N. Kane, highest honors; Kristin R. Moss, high honors; and Whitley B. Southerland, high honors.
Trimble — Shannon J. Hurst, honors.

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