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Girl remains optimistic after kidney transplant

Girl remains optimistic after kidney transplant
While many girls were scurrying to find that perfect dress for the prom, Obion County junior Kathalina (Lina) Moore was at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville getting a new kidney.
Almost two years after being diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney disease, Lina is a couple of more doctors visits and one surgery away from hopefully dealing with the end of a successful kidney transplant.
Lina will have surgery next week to remove her peritoneal dialysis port. For the most part the battle is over for this rising senior who likes to sign songs at church.
She is counting on a normal senior year and she wants to avoid what she has been through this past year-and-a-half.
The ordeal started May 29, 2012 with the diagnosis and two immediate surgeries to hook Lina up with two ports.
Lina was rushed to the emergency room, May 29, 2012, and had to have a hemo-dialysis port placed in her chest in order to do dialysis immediately. In June 2012, she traded the hemo-dialysis port for a peritoneal dialysis port in her stomach.
“Months of pain and sickness came down to something better,” Lina said. “I was able to do dialysis at home instead of going to a dialysis center to sit in a chair for four hours straight every other day. The only disadvantage to peritoneal dialysis, is having to be home by 8 every night to hook up to the machine for nine hours.”
Four months ago, this past February, Lina was under went a series a test and was placed on Vanderbilt Medical Center’s kidney transplant list. She had to wait almost three weeks before Vanderbilt found a donor.
“I had 12 hours to get to Nashville once I got that call,” Lina said.
They quickly prepped Lina for the transplant and performed the life-saving operation. “I had to stay in the hospital about five days to see if my body accepted the donated kidney, and then I had to stay near the hospital for about six weeks.
“The doctors will keep a check on me to make sure the donated kidney is still going strong and nothing is going on in my body that doesn’t need to happen,” Lina said.
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Published in The WCP 5.21.13

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