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West Union Baptist Church news

West Union Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2013 6:00 pm
By: By Linda Tucker

On Wednesday night, May 1, Bro. Larry Clark read I Kings 19:4 for the message titled “The Man That Felt Sorry For Himself.”

On Sunday morning, May 5, Bro. Larry read Romans 2:1-6 as the scriptures for the message titled “The Judgment of God.”

That night, Bro. Larry read Revelation 6:9-11 as the scriptures for the Bible study. This was followed by the monthly business meeting.

On Wednesday night, May 8, Bro. Larry Clark met with the men reading several verses from Hebrews 12 for the message titled “Coming Up Against God.” The ladies met in their Women on Mission meeting with nine present.

On Sunday, May 12, Bro. Larry read Luke 1:28 for the message titled “Mary Was Called For A Mission.” At the close of the service, all the ladies were presented with long stem red roses.

That night, Bro. Larry continued the Bible study. He read Revelation 6:12-17 about the opening of the Sixth Seal along with many other verses.


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