Family Night Out returns Saturday

Family Night Out returns Saturday
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The Martin Historic Business District (MHBD) will host its first Family Night Out of 2013 from 6-9 p.m. Saturday in Festival Park downtown. The City of Martin has partnered with the MHBD.
The highlight of the evening promises to be the concert by Stormgate, a well-known local band.
“Stormgate opened the very first Family Night Out for us,” said Lynn Harper, Family Fun Nights events coordinator. “They are Southern rock with a hint of Blues.”
Harper said this will be the first year that people can take advantage of the splash pad in Festival Park.
“We would encourage people to come out,” Harper said.
“People can come out and enjoy the concert and let their kids play in the splash pad.”
MHBD events chairperson Lynette Wagster said the city of Martin has partnered with the MHBD. “We are excited and thrilled the City of Martin has partnered with us to bring a well-known and popular band to our first event of the season.”
Oogie & Oodles Piddlepops (balloons and face painting); Nikki Lee’s Concessions (featuring fresh lemonade, corn dogs and funnel cakes); Cajun Sno-Balls (snow cones); Magical Mink’s Entertainment with inflatables; the Tennessee National Guard’s rock climbing wall; and Aaron’s game truck also will participate in Family Night Out.
“While you are enjoying Stormagate and the carnival-like attractions, you might see an over-abundance of people with their pinkies painted blue, do not freak out,” a spokesman said. “It is not a secret Mayan signal signifying the end of the world, it is simply an outward sign that the person is against bullying.”
Tennessee will celebrate national Pinky Promise Against Bullying Saturday. Westview High School student and Miss Scenic City’s Outstanding Teen, Carlie Vowell will present Gov. Bill Haslam’s proclamation for national Pinky Promise Against Bullying Day.
“One of the biggest reasons we wanted to participate in this first Family Night Out is because May 18 is Tennessee’s official day for the Pinky Promise Against Bullying,” Vowell said. “The whole idea is to help educate and raise awareness for not only students, but teachers and adults, against bullying.”
Vowell said the group has a three-step action plan to prevent and help stop bullying: be a friend; tell a trusted adult; tell a bystander.
”By making the pinky promise, you promise to stand up and make a difference against bullying,” Vowell said. “Bullying happens everywhere, in our schools and even in nursing homes. In is prevalent in our society.”
Family Nights Out this year are set for the third Saturdays in May and June, while Aug. 24 is set for Movie Night. Movie Night will be co-sponsored by Martin Parks and Recreation.
Family Night Out will conclude the second Saturday in October with the annual Oktoberfest.
Published in The WCP 5.14.13

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