Complaints of loud music aired in WM

Complaints of loud music aired in WM
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Music that could be heard up to two miles away was just one of the many complaints about loud music from a recent weekend event in Woodland Mills.
Aldermen Waymon Reagan and Tom Menees shared information with Mayor Wade Carrington  about complaints they had received from residents during Monday night’s meeting of the Woodland Mills mayor and board of aldermen.
Reagan said he received numerous phone calls about the loud beat coming from an event recently being held at the Woodland Mills Civic Center. It is something he was aware of since he lives near the city-owned building.
Reagan told Carrington he had informed those who called that he was going to give the party until 10 p.m. to quiet down before calling the Obion County Sheriff’s Department, but apparently someone had called before that time.
He said deputies arrived and the music did get turned down, slightly.
Menees, who lives on Highway 5 near the Union City limits, two miles from the civic center, said he could hear the beat of the music from his front porch.
Maintenance employee Perry Carr said he had warned the disc jockey before the event there had been complaints about loud music from a previous event held at the center. He said the DJ told him he would keep the music down.
Carrington said he understands the person running the event said he had told her the music could be played until midnight, but he assured the aldermen he did not.
City recorder Thelma Green said the rules say “no music or activity past 11 p.m.” and that cleanup is to begin at 11 and everyone is to be out of the building at midnight, with the doors locked at that time.
Mrs. Green said she also told an organizer of the event that should the music get too loud, the sheriff’s department would be called.
After the meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Carrington and in prayer by Menees, the board:
• Learned $46 in 2011 property taxes and $169 in 2012 property taxes had been collected in April. Unpaid property taxes in-clude $297 from 2010, $364 from 2011 and $2,372 from 2012.
• Agreed to allow Thompson and McConnell to perform some bookkeeping matters for the city, including filing federal tax paperwork. Mrs. Green said she may be able to perform those tasks, adding she did that type paperwork when she and her husband owned a business.
• Approved the April financial reports, including total assets of $8,257.28 in the refuse collection fund, $8,000.32 in the street aid fund, $594,260.98 in the sewer fund and $84,656.23 in the general fund.
• Was informed Union City is supposed to fix a water leak that is causing water to pool in front of Zoo T’s.
• Discussed water in a ditch on Olive Street. Carr said the culvert has sunk and the water is only going to go so far. He said if the state would lower its culvert it would fix the problem.
In a related matter, Carrington said the Tennessee Department of Transportation cannot install a culvert discussed during an earlier meeting because the culvert is in a resident’s yard.
• Received a complaint about a residence on Gum Street, which has an unused pool that is not being kept up. Carrington said he has asked the owner to take care of the pool or fill it in. Complaints have ranged from bullfrogs living in the pool to its being a breeding area for mosquitoes.
• Decided to purchase new “exit” signs, which have LED lights and battery backups, for the Civic Center. They will have to be installed by an electrician.
• Discussed a lot a property owner wants to sell and the need to tie that property onto the sewer system. Carrington was trying to figure out if a grinder pump had been purchased for the property already or if the owner will have to purchase one. The board also discussed the amount of tap fee that needs to be charged. Mrs. Green said the city has the right to recoup its costs for the tap and a small amount to place in the sewer fund for future maintenance.
• Passed a resolution for application of Tennessee Industrial Infrastructure funds of $323,950. The local match is to be $17,050. Carrington said the funds are for the expansion of Williams Sausage and an upgrade of the city’s sewer system.
• Set a budget meeting for May 23 at 6 p.m.
• Was asked by Carr about the possibility of purchasing a small, portable hand blower. Carrington said Rural King had them on sale for $99, but thinks they have gone back to $120. Carr was told he could buy one.
• Was reminded the next regular meeting will be June 10 at 6 p.m. Mrs. Green told the board if there need to be any budget amendments for the 2012-13 budget, they must be ready for first reading at the June 10 meeting so the city has enough time to meet publication deadlines for the second reading.
• Heard a Tennessee Valley Authority substation will be located in Woodland Mills. Carrington said property has been located and the TVA is checking on its proximity to pipelines.
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Published in The Messenger 5.15.13

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