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WC Nursing and Rehab news

WC Nursing and Rehab news

Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:00 pm

Activities director
This week’s cover card winners were Frances Darling, Bobby Bynum, Shirley Gooch, Jerri Young, Mag Yeargin and Mary Clark.  Each of these lucky participants received one dollar for completing their entire cards before the rest of the crowd. 
For Thursday’s one-line Bingo, each of the participants received 50 cents.  We make sure everyone leaves a winner. 
The residents participated in three sports challenges this week.  Bob Bynum was the winner of Tallyoop scoring 13 points.  His runner-up was Sue Bailey with 11 points. 
Ray Crowell finished first in Skee Bean with 6,000 points and Bob Bynum in second with 5,500. 
On Friday, the residents enjoyed a round of hand swatter.  The game is non-competitive, but challenging and lots of fun.  It is one of the favorite games played.  Congratulations to all our winners.
There were a few delicious activities this week as well. 
The April Birthday Party was held on Tuesday afternoon.  The residents enjoyed their choice of white or chocolate cake with marbled ice cream on the side. 
This week’s social hour featured vanilla, banana and strawberry homemade ice cream.  The residents really enjoyed the tasty treat.  There will be several more throughout the summer months.
The May resident council meeting was held on Thursday morning.  There were 14 residents and 9 approved employees present. The meeting is closed to those approved by the residents.  It gives them the opportunity to express any concerns or preferences and to have their voices heard.  We encourage all residents to attend.
Martha Hayes and guests were with us on Friday night.  They did a spectacular job singing all the favorite country hits.  The residents love having them with us each month.  We really appreciate them sharing their talents with us. 
Youth groups from Liberty Baptist Church and Bethel Baptist Church visited our residents this week.  They are so kind to visit, bring gifts and share in the scripture with us. The residents love having them and always look forward to return visits.  Thank you to each of the youth and their support system for attending.
Bible Union Baptist Church conducted our Wednesday evening services. 
Sunday morning worship services were delivered by Macedonia Church of Christ and Dresden First Baptist Church. 
Bethel Youth of the Mennonite Community were with us on Sunday evening.  They do an outstanding job singing a capella each month.  They harmonious voices fill the room and lift spirits with every visit. 
We are so thankful for such supporting local church families that are willing to share their personal time providing activities for our facility. 

Published in The WCP 5.7.13

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