Our Readers Write…

Our Readers Write…

Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:00 pm

To The Editor:
The word “great” is used in defining many things, some permanent such as “God is great,” and some are temporary such as a “great haircut,” but what about a great country? Is it temporary or permanent?
Our Founding Fathers and the sweat, toil and suffering of our predecessors made our country great, then handed it over to my generation after the Great Depression and World War II.
It should be quite obvious that our country could remain permanently great as long as “all” of us work to keep it that way.
The time period when I was born in 1934 was a blessing and a  curse. I witnessed some of the worst times and some of the very best times in this country’s history. Unfortunately, the best years only lasted until about the latter part of the 1960s when some of the younger generations thought it would be better if they took over and “made love, not war,” and lived by the motto, “if it is not fun, don’t do it.” Some of these people are now in Washington.
Now there are a few things us older generation folks have that you younger folks don’t have and can’t buy, and that is,  we lived through the best times and you can only read about them. We can also make comparisons of the past and the present and make unbiased, non-political suggestions based on what is best for our country. When we vote for a president that has virtually no experience at running anything and has no military experience, we are putting our country in great danger. We need to remember that the president of the United States is also the leader of our military generals. Now tell me, who do you want protecting your life and country?
As for the condition of our country, I believe the most damaging thing to our culture is when the women left the homes. I certainly want the best for them but children need to come first. When I read and see how many single-parent homes there are now, how many thousands of children are hitting the streets daily and how fewer and fewer people are getting married, I don’t believe this country can last much longer and still be considered great.
Our national debt increased by 51⁄2 trillion dollars in four years and it is headed in the same direction now. Wake up, America, and swallow  your pride, vote for what is best for the country and not what is good for  yourself.
Remember, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
God bless America.
Gary Spence


Columnist right
on Christian issue
To The Editor:
I usually don’t agree with Michael Reagan but one of his editorials a few weeks ago concerning same-sex marriage was right on. He asked the question, “Where are the Christians?” The gist of his editorial was that the Christian people are too silent and too afraid to speak out on this issue. He is right. So-called Christian politicians, if there is such a thing, are afraid to speak out because they don’t want to lose votes. The rest of us just sit there, hoping the issue will go away — silently. Well, it isn’t going away.
Recently, another celebrity, a basketball player, revealed he was gay. The media and many others, including the president, are applauding his “courage” in “coming out.” How sickening. A Catholic school teacher was recently fired because she revealed she was a homosexual. Three cheers for the Catholic church for sticking to their convictions.
What is sad is the students have been protesting in favor of the teacher and supporting her “right to choose.” One was seen carrying a sign that said, “God does not discriminate.” Even Dr. Phil has been swayed by society’s acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. He stated on his show we are living in a different time and we have to change with the times. That’s not what the Bible says to me and it is more relevant than either the media or Dr. Phil.
I haven’t found one place in the Bible that says homosexuality is an “alternative lifestyle” or the “new normal.” The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is an “abominable” sin. I won’t quote it but for those who don’t read the Bible, it is in Deuteronomy. There is also a place in the New Testament — 1 Corinthians — where it states that homosexuals, as well as people committing other immoral acts, idolaters, etc. — won’t enter the kingdom of  heaven. Unfortunately, the Bible has become to many an archaic, irrelevant book full of rules and regulations that don’t apply to modern society. That’s the same way the people of Sodom thought and we know what happened to them.
The American people sat by and let one woman and her communist friends get prayer thrown out of school. Are we Christians going to just sit quiety and allow perversion to take over our nation? If our leaders prefer to listen to the gay lobbyists and their money instead of listening to us, we should vote them out of office — no matter which party they are affiliated with.
Before any of you “gay” people label me a homophobic — look up the meaning of the word “phobic.” It means a morbid or insane fear of something. I am not afraid of gays — I just don’t agree with their perverted lifestyle. It ain’t normal.
Pam Puckett

Published in The Messenger 5.8.13

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