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Mother’s Day: Remembering a mother’s dedication

Mother’s Day: Remembering a mother’s dedication

Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:00 pm

Special to the Press
From the time we are born, we develop a special bond with our mothers. We are always aware of this love. This is the day where children gather their crayons, colored construction paper, and dried macaroni noodles to make a masterful card to give to their mothers.
We are blessed for this special day when we celebrate the hard work of moms nationwide. 
The qualifications of a mother are simple. When children first learn to ride bicycles with two wheels, moms bandage scraped knees. They slice the crusts off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and plug in nightlights. Childhood would not be nearly as sweet without homemade lunch boxes, goodnight kisses or bedtime stories.
A mother shares the celebration of triumphs in her children’s lives. A child’s victories, like scoring a goal in a soccer game or winning third place in the elementary school spelling bee, are the victories shared with a mother.
My mother is dear to my heart and I cherish her very much. When I was a child, I would try my hardest to draw a card for my mom on Mother’s Day with the hope that she would find it beautiful. I ran through the house searching for anything to draw with: colorful markers, broken crayons or glitter pens.
If the thought passed my 8-year-old mind, I would go the backyard and grab tiny fistfuls of dandelions, believing that they were still technically flowers suitable for a Mother’s Day bouquet and not bright yellow weeds. 
But as we grow older, we no longer need the help we did in our adolescence. We are able to ride our own bicycles, tie our own shoes and decide our own paths. And though the years will pass, we never forget the special love our mothers showed in our childhood.
Let us not overlook those who might substitute a mother’s loving place, such as an aunt, grandmother or close friend. They too help guide and share in joyous moments. If one is lucky, a mother-in-law’s relationship can be unique. I am very close to my future mother-in-law who has watched over me the past two years. 
Bring out your crayons, colored pencils, construction paper and best selection of backyard wildflowers to celebrate this joyous occasion where we shower our mothers in hugs and kisses for their dedication.

Published in The WCP 5.7.13

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