Board discusses farmers market

Board discusses farmers market
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DRESDEN — The Dresden board of mayor and aldermen discussed the progress of the farmers market installation, potential salary increases and other financial business during the meeting Monday night.
Bruce and Cindy Gardner presented the Homestead Timber Frames’ plan for the Dresden Farmers Market timber frame. The board unanimously approved to accept the bid of $179,000 for the company to build a bald cypress timber frame.
Homestead Timber Frames is the sole supplier for this type of building frame in Tennessee, which is why the project was not bid out.
“If we’re going to do this project, let’s do it with Tennessee folks,” Alderman Gwin Anderson said.
The package would include everything from the timber frame drawings through the building phase, which would be when the timber frame was raised by the crew at the site. Bruce told the board that timber frames can last as long as 2,000 years.
The timber frame would be made in Crossville then brought to Dresden. According to Cindy Gardner the framework is done by mallet and chisel.
Alderman Anderson posed questions about the timber wicking moisture. Bruce responded that the company uses a system called timberlinks, in which they use threaded rods and a plexiglass plate in the bottom of the posts to secure the frame. They then coat the bottom of the post with Anchorseal, which is considered to be a wood sealant.
Bruce went on to explain the rest of the process. The timber frames are then assembled with the large wooden pegs and stacked until the crane arrives. The crane places the frames upright then they are secured with a bolt.
With the board’s approval Dresden residents can expect to see the timber frame to be raised during a seven to eight working day span starting on August 12.
The next step includes a 25 percent deposit with a signed contract.
“We’ve been pushing the ball on this thing for a long time, and it goes back to the point when we ended up getting this Tri-County Landfill grant,” Alderman Anderson said. “We put that back. By doing what we’ve just done tonight… this is going to be something that for the next 100 years people are going to look at this and say “Wow, look at that”.”
The full budget for the farmers market area is about $500,000, which includes the timber frame project along with electricity, concrete pad, rest rooms and landscaping.
The aldermen requested a comparison of the police officers’ salaries with other nearby cities at the last board meeting, so Toya Bell compiled a report. Police Chief Randall Walker proposed that the board consider a salary raise for the officers in order to increase retention.
According to Walker the Dresden Police Department currently serves as a “stepping stone” for officers looking for experience, but they then leave for better pay. That pay increase can range from 50-cents more per hour to three dollars more per hour.
“I’d like to get a good group of officers and keep them,” Chief Walker said. “To keep good officers we’re going to have to pay them.”
Currently the Dresden police officers make $12.75 per hour. Walker’s proposal would constitute a five-year plan with a salary of $13.10 per hour after the completion of the first year, and up to $15.10 after five years of service. 
According to the report, the Martin police officers could make $13.82 per hour after the first year, and up to $17.31 per hour after seven years.
The board is expected to vote on the issue at an upcoming meeting.
In other business, the board voted to sell the small, empty lot behind the post office, which is zoned as B2.
The aldermen approved the allocation of $100,000 into the appropriate fund for the farmers market project expenses. 
The board passed Ordinance 2013-10, which revises the duties of a code enforcement officer.
The ordinance was used to clarify provisions regarding the duties, powers and responsibilities of a code enforcement officer, building inspector and other related positions.
Ford Construction won the bid to pave the 122 S. Poplar St. lot for $23,600. Martin Paving was the only other bid.
The next meeting of the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen is set for Monday, June 3 at 6 p.m. in the city hall.
Published in The WCP 5.7.13

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