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Greenfield celebrates academic achievement

Greenfield celebrates academic achievement
Special to the Press
GREENFIELD — Students and teachers at Greenfield School have been training since August for the TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program) and this past Friday they all celebrated with Game Day.
“We set goals all year long,” said Greenfield fifth-grader Colton Freeman. “We want to make either proficient or advanced in all subjects.”
Proficient and advanced are the top two scoring groups or the top scores a student can achieve.
“The teachers take the TCAP serious,” third-grade teacher Jamie Doster said. “We give it our best all year long.”
Although this year’s TCAP testing is over for students in third through eighth grade, Greenfield has a proven track record for the past three years as being among the best in Weakley County.
In fact, Greenfield students made all As and one B in 2012, on the test which includes math, reading/language, social studies, science and writing. The scores represent an increase in every subject but reading/language. Greenfield students maintained their B in reading/language.
The scores are better than the state average (all Bs) and among the best in the county. Dresden Middle School matched Greenfield’s marks in all subjects and showed an improvement in both math and science. However, Martin Elementary has had straight As in every subject for the past three years.
“This test measures both student and teacher growth and achievement,” said Willie Trevathan, assistant principal at Greenfield school.
Doster said all of the teachers at Greenfield pitch in and work together to motivate the students. “We start preparing them in August. We look at the standards and go from there.”
Typically the curriculum standards match the basic skills required for the TCAP.
“Most of the time, in January, we feel it is crunch time,” Doster said.
In March, fifth-graders at Greenfield took practice test.
Freeman, who has just taken the TCAP, for the third consecutive year, said the recent test was pretty easy for him.
The test results for this year will be available this fall.
The smile on Doster’s face turned into a frown quickly when she was asked if she would be disappointed if Greenfield students made a C on the test this year.
“As a group, yes we would be disappointed. We know how hard we prepared the students. We expect them to be proficient or advanced.”
Published in The WCP 5.2.13

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