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New streak starts up for G’field

New streak starts up for G’field

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 12:00 pm

Greenfield’s tennis team continued its rebound after suffering its first defeat in 55 regular season matches last week with a pair of wins to begin the week.
The Lady Yellowjackets beat Sacred Heart out of Jackson 5-2 on Tuesday and won at Camden 5-2 on Monday.
Greenfield is one step closer to winning the District 13 A-AA regular season title once again after beating Camden. The Lady ’Jackets can still lose one of their two remaining matches and have a chance at winning the district.
Greenfield has a 3:30 match at Bethel today against Camden and a 4 p.m. match on Monday at Bethel against Huntingdon.
The Lady ’Jackets are the only team to beat Huntingdon this season.
Westview girls got back on the winning track with a 6-1 win over Trenton, while the boys went winless against the Golden Tide with a 7-0 decision.
The 13A-AA Tourna-ment will be May 4, and the 14A-AA will be May 4 and 6 at Union City.
Greenfield vs. SH
Two very good tennis teams met up on the Bethel tennis courts with the Lady ’Jackets getting the better of the Lady Knights with a 5-2 win.
Emily Allen had a tough match in the No. 1 spot but came out on top with an 8-4 win, while Kendal Cook had an even tougher match with a 9-7 verdict in the second spot.
Kalee Kesterson made short work of her opponent at the third seed with an 8-0 win. Callie Croom took her match with an 8-4 win, while Lauren Rush came up short in the fifth slot with an 8-5 defeat in singles.
The team of Allen and Croom lost 8-4 in the first spot in doubles, while Cook and Kesterson easily won 8-2 at the No. 2 seed.
The win improves Greenfield’s record to 8-1 on the season, while Sacred Heart falls to 8-2.
Emily Allen (G) d. Alice Nelson (S) 8-4.
Kendal Cook (G) d. Melissa Wort (S) 9-7.
Kalee Kesterson (G) d. Sadie Odom (S) 8-0.
Callie Croom (G) d. Amber Winkelman (S) 8-4.
Kelly Maroney (S) d. Lauren Rush (G) 8-5.
Nelson/Maroney (S) d. Allen/Croom (G) 8-4.
Cook/Kesterson (G) d. Odom/Edwards (S) 8-2.
Greenfield vs Camden
The Lady ’Jackets are hoping a 5-2 win over Camden will be the beginning of a new winning streak after seeing their 55-match win streak snapped by Haywood last week.
Head coach Bill McCall knows how hard it is to win week in and week out.
“With so many good tennis teams out there, it is hard to go undefeated in a season,” McCall said. “We are honored and are proud to have won so many matches for so long. To have a winning streak go from 2008 to 2013 is very unusual and may never happen again, so I am glad we were able to keep it going that long.”
Greenfield won three out of five singles matches and both doubles matches to get back in the winning column.
Allen won her singles match in the first spot 8-3, while Cook won 8-2 in the second spot. Kesterson came out on the winning side with an 8-2 score in the third spot. Croom and Rush both lost 8-5 in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.
Allen and Croom walked away with an easy 8-1 in the No. 1 spot in doubles, while Cook and Kesterson won 8-3 in the second spot.
Emily Allen (G) d. Haley Hays (C) 8-3.
Kendal Cook (G) d. Kindsey Wambles (C) 8-2.
Kalee Kesterson (G) d. Hannah Thomas (C) 8-2.
Amanda Douglas (C) d. Callie Croom (G) 8-5.
Cindy Young  (C) d. Lauren Rush (G) 8-5.
Allen/Croom (G) d. Hayes/Wambles (C) 8-1.
Cook/Kesterson (G) d. Thomas/Douglas (C) 8-3.
Westview vs Trenton
The Lady Chargers have been on the short end of things lately on the tennis courts, but they got back to winning against Trenton on Monday.
Laura Ferrer won 8-2 in her No. 1 match, while Natalie Hurst had a more difficult time in her 8-6 win in the second spot. Jasmine Evans won 8-4 in the fourth spot, while Jessica Evans lost 8-4 at the fourth seed. Annabelle Cormia easily won 8-2 at No. 5.
The team of Ferrer and Hurst blanked their opponents 8-0 in doubles, and the team of Evans and Evans won 8-2.
Westview’s boys were shut out by Trenton with Ethan Plunk losing 9-7 in a close match in the first spot. Mason Capps lost 8-3 in the No. 2 spot, while Dan McDonough was defeated 8-4 in the third spot.
Ethan Batchelor lost 8-3 in the fourth spot, and Tyler Darroch got blanked 8-0 in the fifth spot.
Plunk and McDonough lost 8-2 in doubles, while Capps and Batchelor lost by the same 8-2 score.
Girls’ Singles
Laura Ferrer (W) d. Haley Branum (T) 8-2.
Natalie Hurst (W) d. Hannah Bridges (T) 8-6.
Jasmine Evans (W) d. Olivia Gibson (T) 8-4.
Kennedi Morris (T) d. Jessica Evan (W) 8-4.
Annabelle Cormia (W) d. Sable Estes (T) 8-2.
Girls’ Doubles
Ferrer/Hurst (W) d. Gibson/Branum (T) 8-2.
Evans/Evans (W) d. Bridges/Morris (T) 8-2.
Boys’ Singles
Drew Butler (T) d. Ethan Plunk (W) 9-7.
Eli King (T) d. Mason Capps (W) 8-3.
Noah Allen (T) d. Dan McDonough 8-4.
Ryan White (T) d. Ethan Batchelor (W) 8-3.
Garrett Lawson (T) d. Tyler Darroch (W) 8-0.
Boys’ Doubles
Butler/Allen (T) d. Plunk/McDonough (W) 8-2.
King/White (T) d. Capps/Batchelor (W) 8-2.

Published in The WCP 4.25.13

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