WLJT joins Discovery Park of America team

WLJT joins Discovery Park of America team
WLJT joins Discovery Park of America team | WLJT joins Discovery Park of America team
Discovery Park of America and WLJT, public television for West Tennessee, announced recently that WLJT will be the name sponsor of the Discovery Globe, an interactive digital video sphere that will be located in the Natural History Gallery at the impressive entertainment and educational complex under construction on a 50-acre site on Union City’s northwest side. (See related photo, Page 5.)
The Discovery Globe is a four-foot sphere-shaped screen that will display digital information about the earth or other planets. The Globe can demonstrate real-time weather activities on the earth, show historical changes in the earth’s geology or even represent other planets.  It is mounted on a pedestal allowing 360-degree viewing. With a stunning visual impact, the Discovery Globe will provide a captivating experience that will hold the attention of students and keep them fully engaged in the learning process, a spokesman said. Utilizing a broad range of software, the globe can be used to teach earth and planetary sciences, world history, geography or social sciences in a compelling and entertaining way.
Jim Rippy, CEO of Discovery Park, said that he was pleased to have WLJT as a sponsor. “We appreciate the involvement of WLJT and their support of Discovery Park. WLJT is an important part of the television experience for people in West Tennessee, especially with their excellent children’s programming. It’s great for Discovery Park that WLJT will use their television programming and community outreach to help us tell people about what Discovery Park has to offer. The mission of both organizations to enhance education and quality of life are very similar and it’s an ideal partnership.”
Monica Cochran, general manager and CEO of WLJT, said that WLJT is proud and excited to be a part of Discovery Park. “Discovery Park will be a tremendous asset for enhancing the education of both children and adults throughout this region. WLJT is delighted to join with Discovery Park to help bring the incredible digital experience of this amazing globe to the region. The mission of WLJT is to educate and enhance the quality of life for West Tennesseans, and joining with Discovery Park to help bring the Discovery Globe to thousands of people is a perfect extension of our television programming and community outreach. I think thousands of children and adults will be amazed at this incredible exhibit.”
WLJT, the public television station serving all of West Tennessee outside of Shelby County, has the mission of fulfilling the need for knowledge and enhancing the quality of life for West Tennesseans. WLJT educates, inspires and entertains by providing outstanding, distinctive television programming and community services, a spokesman said.
Discovery Park of America Inc. will be a $100 million educational complex with exhibits and interactive experiences in the areas of nature, science, technology, history and art. Discovery Park is expected to open in the fall of 2013.
Published in The Messenger 4.24.13

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