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WC Nursing and Rehab news

WC Nursing and Rehab news

Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 8:00 pm

Activities director
Spring has finally arrived.  The residents have opted to spend free time outside soaking up the warmth on the front porch.  Activities from bird watching to checkers have been observed.  They have also had many outside visitors filling the facility with warm smiles and great conversation.  Many scheduled and independent activities have been available to fill any down time the residents might have to keep them active and happy. 
This week’s cover card winners were Mary Clark, Barry Flowers, Dorothy Farrar, Marguerite Radford, Daisy Erwin, Mavis Parsley and Ruth Jones.  This group was able to cover their entire cards before the rest of large crowd to win one dollar. 
At Thursday’s one-line Bingo, each participant leaves with prize. We continue to have wonderful support from family members, peer residents and employees to ensure everyone gets the help they need to play.
The residents participated in a variety of sports and games this week.  Hand swatter and the parachute shuffle are non-competitive, but still require lots of athletic strength. 
Dorothy Larson was the winner of lawn darts with Linda Turner as runner-up. 
Taking first in penny annie was Mildred Maddox with Jane McKnight in second place. 
Six residents left with prizes from the Price is Right.  Dorothy Farrar, Mildred Turner, Daisy Erwin, Bob Bynum, Marguerite Radford and Dorothy Larson were the lucky winners. 
On Wednesday afternoon, the residents battled it out on the Wii.  Everyone had a great time squaring off at bowling, golf and baseball. 
To test our mental strength, we played a round of true or false on Thursday morning.  The residents had a great time finding the truths on wide range of subjects. 
On Friday afternoon, the residents participated in a social hour.  This activity features pleasure foods of their choice, fellowship and usually music played overhead.  This week they enjoyed ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, orange cream bars and sherbet.  The musical selection was 50’s party hits. 
Dresden First United Methodist Church joined us on Tuesday afternoon for a wonderful song service and lesson. 
Siloam Baptist Church provided our Wednesday evening Bible study session. 
Dresden First Baptist Church and Macedonia Church of Christ conducted our regular Sunday morning services. 
These groups always do a remarkable job and the residents love having them with us.  They are true blessings to our facility.  Thank you all.

Published in The WCP 4.16.13

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