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Martin happy to help with MTD expansion

Martin happy to help with MTD expansion
By JOE LOFARO / Special to the Press

The Martin Industrial Development Board and the City of Martin didn’t waste any time when MTD asked for help with its recent expansion project.

Knowing that Fast Track Grant Funds might be available from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD), the Martin Industrial Development Board asked for $1,983,000 to help MTD with its expansion plans.

“It’s standard procedure to asked for this type of grant,” said Ronnie Price, president and CEO of the Weakley County Economic Development Board. “The grant money actually goes to the community to help with the expansion.”

Shortly after the Martin Industrial Development Board passed a resolution requesting the grant, the State Loan and Grant Board approved it.

“Supporting a project of this nature is what the Industrial Development Board is here to do,” said Tom Payne, chairman of the Industrial Development Board. “The board wants to do all it can to promote expansion and attract jobs.

“The Fast Track Grant Funds from ECD were instrumental in making this expansion project by an outstanding local company a reality.”

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