UC taking measures to keep students safer

UC taking measures to keep students safer
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Security upgrades are being installed at each of Union City’s three schools this spring, creating an even safer environment for students and teachers.
Last month, the school board approved Allen Searcy Builder Contractor of Union City to oversee the installation of the security upgrades. There was no contract amount for the installation of upgraded door locks and a new video monitoring system at each of the three city schools.
David Searcy with Allen Searcy Builder Contractor is overseeing the security upgrades.
He told The Messenger the cost for the upgrades will be around $75,000.
Already, the three city schools have camera monitoring systems that stream live video feeds from the hallways, cafeteria and lobby areas. The video feeds go to monitors set up in the main office areas of each of the three schools. There are also video feeds that go to the computers in the principals’ and vice principals’ offices and to the computer in school resource officer Raphe Whaley’s office at Union City High School.
Within the next few weeks, a new camera monitoring system will be installed outside the main entrances at each of the three city schools. The monitors will provide office personnel at each of the three schools with a video and audio feed from visitors wishing to gain access to the schools.
Visitors will buzz in to the office to ask permission to enter the schools.
“We’re excited about it. I think it’s going to be a good thing,” Union City Middle School receptionist Amy Martinek said.
Searcy said new classroom door locks have already been installed at all three schools that allow teachers to quickly secure their classroom doors in the event of an emergency.
In an era of horrific school violence incidents like those that have occurred at Sandy Hook, Heath and Columbine schools, the Union City School System is taking extraordinary measures to protect its students and teachers.
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Published in The Messenger 4.12.13

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