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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013 6:00 pm
By: By Beverly Smith Bastyr

Hello to everyone from Pleasant Hill.

My column will be very short this week. I was sick all weekend with asthma/allergies, thanks to my first of the year mowing on Friday. This pollen and grass odor will do it every time, plus my oven caught on fire and I had to breathe that smoke until I got it put out. So both of these things made me very sick.

Last Wednesday, my family and a dear friend of our family visited Lambert’s in Sikeston, Mo. We had a great day of fellowship traveling there and catching and eating those great thrown rolls that are so delicious. Those enjoying the day with me were Hulda Heslop, Josh Gordon, Layla Elhulu, Rhonda Edge and Gauge Elhulu. This was Gauge and Layla’s first time to eat there.

So sorry to hear about the death of a dear friend, Joe Wade, who was my neighbor on Mt. Pelia Road for many years. My sympathy is extended to Anne, Jimmy, Lori, Amanda, Vickie, and Joe’s children, Scottie and Debbie and all the family. Services were held Saturday at New Home Baptist Church.

I do not have a current bulletin to see the birthdays for this week, so happy birthday to anyone who had a birthday this week!

Until next week, may God bless!


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