Sanderson: Some work remains

Sanderson: Some work remains
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State Rep. Bill Sanderson, R-Kenton, indicated today he is pleased with the work done during this legislative session, which is winding down.
“There are still some bills trickling through and a few committees are still working,” he told The Messenger today.
He said he still has several bills coming up for a vote on the House floor before the legislative session ends later this month.
The current session began in early January and is expected to end by April 25. He said lawmakers will likely work through the final weekend of the session.
Among the legislation he still has awaiting a House vote are bills dealing with the state comptroller, state treasurer and secretary of state.
“I have a bill coming up this week from the County Commissioners Association. It will allow county commissions to join together to buy cooperatively, expediting the bid process,” Sanderson said.
He explained a majority of the bills he has introduced in the state House of Representatives came from his constituents and groups in his legislative district. He said he listens to the concerns and issues of his constituents and then brings their concerns to the House floor in the form of bills.
“I’d like people to understand that most of what we do up here comes from us working with citizens and groups in our districts,” Sanderson said.
He described the current legislative session as “very fast and efficient.”
Early on in the session, legislators were limited in the number of bills they were allowed to introduce, and that has expedited the legislative process, Sanderson said.
“We’ve had better bills this year,” he said.
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Published in The Messenger 4.8.13

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