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KY superintendents’ pay, evaluations to be posted on department’s website

KY superintendents’ pay, evaluations to be posted on department’s website

Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 6:00 pm
By: By the Associated Press

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The public will soon be able to view the full compensation packages of Kentucky’s superintendents as well as their performance evaluations on the education department’s website, state officials recently announced.   
The future database stems from last week’s allegations that a former superintendent pocketed nearly $224,000 in unauthorized benefits and payments from a struggling district in northern Kentucky.  
Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen, who investigated the alleged thefts, said the information will help the public — and more importantly school boards — hold accountable their districts’ leadership.  
“State and local government have come a long way in becoming more transparent, making everything from state contracts to our basketball coaches’ compensation packages readily available,” he said. “Yet important information about our schools is still cloaked in darkness.”
Education Department Associate Commissioner Hiren Desai said the state also will start to require districts to evaluate superintendents’ handling of fiscal matters.
Superintendents’ base salaries, the average of which is just under $120,000, already are listed on the Kentucky Department of Education’s website, KED spokeswoman Nancy Rodriguez said.
The department will soon display additional compensation such as travel expenses, reimbursements for retirement contributions and use of a school district vehicle— all of which are considered public information under state law.  
Edelen said he hopes the information will encourage school boards to keep better tabs on a superintendent’s contract and spending.

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