Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2012 7:03 pm

In defense
of Holt, Maddox

To The Editor:
I’m writing this letter in response to some of the lies and misinformation the Democratic candidates and their party have used to smear two good Christian men, John Stevens and Andy Holt. It appears Brad Thompson and Mark Maddox know they are down in the polls and believe telling half-truths and lies are only ways to gain votes.
Let’s take John Stevens first. Brad Thompson would have us believe by the political ads he’s running that John Stevens simply just walked into a hospital and tore up a dying woman’s, Ms. Ruth Karas, will. The truth is that she had a lawyer who wrote her first will who was no longer practicing law. When she contacted him to request changing her will, John Stevens was one of several he recommended. She picked Mr. Stevens to represent her and explained to him some of her concerns with the first will, particularly Boys Town and some of their money problems.
Ms. Karas then signed the necessary papers and directed Mr. Stevens to draw up a new will leaving most of her estate to her nephew and her caretaker. After writing the second will, Mr. Stevens then went to the hospital to fulfill the law and tear up the original will in Ms. Karas’ presence. Ms. Karas was not responsive and thus Mr. Stevens had a nurse take pictures of him honoring Ms. Karas’ wishes of tearing up the first will.
Mr. Stevens did not receive anything from the estate, only his legal fees. Also, Mr. Stevens was not part of the suit brought by Boys Town and St. Jude.
I would like to leave you with a couple of thoughts. First, if Mr. Stevens wanted to do anything the least bit questionable ethically, would he have a witness take pictures of it? The second is why does Mr. Stevens not respond to these lies? Once again, he is upholding the wishes of his client, Ms. Karas, and, due to lawyer-client privilege, is forced to remain silent.
I would like to state that I went by Mr. Thompson’s office at the Martin City Hall. I informed him of my disappointment in his attacks on John Stevens and that John was a friend of mine. Mr. Thompson then had the nerve to say, and I quote, “John is my friend, too.” Now, I ask you, if Brad Thompson will lie, smear and knowingly twist the truth on a “friend,” what else would he do for political gain?
Now, let me address the comments coming from the Mark Maddox camp attacking Andy Holt. Mr. Maddox would have you believe that Mr. Holt is against education, that he has cut funding to schools and put special interest before our kids. The truth is that Mr. Holt has favored legislation to strengthen laws to make sure our schools have the best teachers possible. This is shown with the improvements in grades on the TCAP scores and by the teachers getting a 2 1/2 percent raise this  year. Mr. Holt, having small children of his own, feels that the children come first and foremost, not the teachers, lobbyists or anyone else.
I also find it ironic that part of Mr. Maddox’s three-step plan to job creation is “increase access to technology and education for rural Tennesseans to create jobs.” The reason this is ironic is because when Mr. Maddox was our tepresentative in 1996-2010, the computers and technology in Weakley County Schools were in bad need of attention and repair. I know this because my wife, a teacher of 31 years, saw it first hand. Mr. Maddox meanwhile was drawing most of his salary (taxpayer money) to handle the technology problems in our schools while being paid as our representative (taxpayer money) and our school system had to hire someone else (taxpayer money) to do Mr. Maddox’s job while he was in Nashville.
I would also like to point out that while Mr. Maddox is quick to talk about Mr. Holt, he very conveniently forgets to tell you that he voted to give illegals driver’s licenses and also voted for a state income tax.
So when you go to the voting booth, you decide. Do you vote for a party that had to vote three times to include God in their platform, yet supports higher taxes, pro-choice, gay marriage, big government, and open borders or do you vote for conservative leadership, lower taxes, pro-life, one man and one woman marriage, smaller government and tough immigrations laws? .

David Hawks
Brad Thompson
worthy of trust

To The Editor:
John Stevens’ senseless, negative attacks on Brad Thompson are not only over-the-top, but outright lies. Day after day, we get them in the mail. It’s time someone set the record straight.
I will not stand by and let John Stevens make Brad into someone he isn’t.
Brad is a good Christian leader in northwest Tennessee I’ve been privileged to know all of his life. Unlike Stevens, Brad has worked tirelessly in all of these counties for people to help seniors and veterans.
Brad has always been involved in any number of civic and volunteer projects while working hard to improve the lives of people right here in our rural communities.
Brad is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and he leads church services in the nursing home, something he’s done for two decades. He leads singing at his church and teaches Bible class. Simply put, Brad is a good man who is very close to his family and stays involved in his community. Nobody loves Northwest Tennessee more.
Before you vote, consider comparing the record of Brad, a fourth generation West Tennessean who, along with his wonderful, Christian family, has always found the time to serve the community, to a lawyer who isn’t from here, hasn’t been involved civically and hasn’t served in volunteer activities.
Compare Brad, a man from a farming background we know we can trust, to Stevens, who tells outright lies about our neighbor.
I certainly know who I support, and I hope you will, too.

Jan Kizer
Union City
God needed
in government

To The Editor:
What is it going to take for this great nation of ours to stand?
First, each Christian must distance him/herself from anything that opposes the teaching of the Bible (appears to be sin 1 Thess. 5:22).
Second, vote for the candidates that want to make laws more nearly in harmony with the Bible (righteousness exalteth any nation Pro. 14:34).
Third, pray that our freedom may continue for God’s people to be able to worship Him according to the teaching of the Bible (in spirit and truth, James 4:24).
When this is done, the dollars and cents of government will be right – if we haven’t already gone too far from Him. God has always and will continue to rule in the affairs of men.

Joe C. Turbeville

Published in The WCP 10.25.12

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