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Samburg officials approve rural fire protection plan

Samburg officials approve rural fire protection plan
Samburg officials approve rural fire protection plan | Samburg officials approve rural fire protection plan
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A new rural fire protection plan recommended by Samburg Fire Chief Ken Hogg has been approved by the Samburg mayor and board of aldermen.
Hogg presented the membership plan to the board at a called meeting Wednesday afternoon. There were numerous questions about the new plan, but board members unanimously approved the membership program as the most sensible solution for rural fire protection in the Samburg area.
“We would respond to every fire (in Samburg’s rural fire district),” Hogg told the board.
He explained a membership in the rural fire protection plan would work like an Air-Evac membership.
Those who are members of the rural fire protection program would get one free fire call a year, after which they would be charged $500 per fire call. Non-members would still have fire protection, but the fee for a fire call would be significantly higher.
Samburg’s membership fee will be $75 per year, according to Hogg.
Board member Shelly Arnett called the new membership plan “proactive” and said she was very pleased with the plan.
Others on the board agreed.
The board actually ap-proved replacing its old subscription plan with the new membership plan. Final approval of the ordinance will come at the board’s July 9 meeting.
“I personally like this a lot, lot better than subscriptions,” board member Juni Fickle said.
The Samburg board also approved a proposed membership contract presented by Hogg at Wednesday’s meeting. Residents in Samburg’s rural fire district will have to fill out the membership form and pay the $75 to sign up for rural fire protection. The membership forms will be mailed out within the next few weeks.
Hogg told the board there are about 680 potential customers in Samburg’s rural fire district. Under the failed subscription program offered by the county, he said about 55 percent of those in the rural fire district participated in the subscription program.
Hogg said he plans to use Brian Davis to manage the new membership program. He is already working with the Hornbeak Volunteer Fire Department to manage its membership program.
There was also talk at the meeting of scheduling an open sign-up day on a Saturday to accept membership applications and to answer any questions about the program.
Hogg said he planned to present Samburg’s new rural fire protection plan to the county commission when it meets Monday morning.
Also during Wednesday’s half-hour called meeting, the board:
• Met for about half an hour before the called meeting and about 40 minutes after the meeting to complete its review of the town’s 1947 City Charter. Work on changes to the charter has been completed and the board will vote on its new charter at its July 9 meeting. City officials are also working with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service on redoing the charter. The board met earlier this month for about three hours to start its work on drafting a new charter.
• Granted final approval to an ordinance establishing speed limits within the Samburg city limits.
• Approved on the first of two readings an ordinance laying out fees, penalties and policies dealing with city garbage collection. Final approval of the ordinance will come at the board’s July meeting.
Absent from Wednesday’s called meeting were board members Johnie Johnson and Gerald Reed.
Published in The Messenger 6/14.12

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