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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 7:00 pm

New government worth looking at

To The Editor:
To the public officials of Union City and Obion County.
Why not change your charters or form of governments to a metro-type government? City and county as one, not divided. All citizens protected and represented equally for all services including fire, taxes, education and police.
We need unity not division.
Ellis Cochran
Union City
Help residents
protect children

To The Editor:
I live in Whispering Hills Subdivision, just east of Lake Road School. I started a project with the intent of protecting the children in our subdivision. Our community had little luck solving our dilemma because of the mere lack of complaints.
This year, I went to the majority of houses along my street, Cleek Echo Drive, which is the main entrance into the subdivision. There, I discussed the installation of speed bumps to slow the traffic to the speed limit of 20 mph. People often travel as fast as 50 mph on the road, endangering our children who innocently play outside. Only a few days ago, a man who I don’t wish to name, as he is a close neighbor, drove his dragster up the street at such a speed that he lost control and ran over my mail box.
I turned in a complaint to the county highway department, introducing a petition with 34 signatures from the same street with no avail. The issue, being passed over for the second month due to the absence of the county commissioner, has not been discussed nor motions brought forth. We, of our community, hope this issue is remedied by the installation of speed bumps to solve the problem.
There is not much to do when the barn door is open and all the horses have gotten out. We respectfully request the cooperation of the county road commission and the citizens of the county to help us protect our children.
James E. Terrett
Union City

Published in The Messenger 6.13.12

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