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Martin’s Sugar and Spice celebrating 20 years

Martin’s Sugar and Spice celebrating 20 years

Posted: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:59 am

Martin's Sugar and Spice celebrating 20 years | Sugar and Spice, downtown Martin, Sharon Maloan

Sugar and Spice owner Sharon Maloan
Sugar & Spice in Martin is beginning its 20-year celebration. Store owner Sharon Maloan said that “without your support, this would not be possible.”
What began as a 500-square-foot children’s store has become a store offering over 5,000 square feet of ladies and children’s fashions for all ages and sizes. Sugar & Spice is known to be a one-stop-shop in ladies fashions. Fashion stylist Sharon Maloan travels many trade shows to find looks that compliment her customers’ look and lifestyle.
She also has all of the accessories to finish the outfit, such as undergarments by Spanx, jewelry by many different artists and shoes by Matisse, Coconuts, Frye, Sam Edlemon, and she just added Vaneli shoes. Customers will also find a very nice selection of handbags and billfolds, from lines such as Hobo, Frye and Fossil.
Maloan is also very aware of how important it is to offer many different price points in fashion and gifts. Sugar & Spice has grown into a very strong gift store, with lines such as Pandora, Vera Bradley, Brighton, Cris Lu, John Medirous, and candles by Tyler, Voluspa, and Aspen Bay.
Maloan is amazed at how far people will travel to shop at Sugar & Spice.
“They say that it is because they know that they will get great customer service and a great selection. You can’t accomplish great customer service alone; it requires a sales staff that cares about the customer as much as you do,” Maloan said.
Maloan said she truly believes in treating people the way you want to be treated!
“It is important to have a sales staff that is trained, informed about products and cares about the customer as much as you do.”
She also shared that they will have customers to drive hours to buy Pandora when it is being sold in the very town they live in. It is because of the genuine service that Sugar & Spice offers that customers are willing to come back and travel so far.
She gives her mother, Margaret Forsythe, the credit for making the Pandora customers’ experiences worth the drive. So much goes on behind the scenes of any business to make it successful.
Maloan said she is very fortunate to have the help and support of her husband, Mike Maloan, and her daughters, Jenna Brooke Scott and Morgan Beth Vernon.
“Without them it would be impossible to do what we do at Sugar & Spice!”
It takes the support of family and friends to grow a business and Maloan said she truly felt that support during the peak of the recession when customers and friends would come into her store with their Christmas shopping lists determined to buy everything they could to support local businesses.
“That is what I love about where I live and what I do – people care,” Maloan said.
“It was a tough time for small businesses and people cared enough to make an effort to spend their dollars locally.”
She said that the greatest reward in her business is the customer relationships that have turned into friendships. They are the reason she loves what she does.
“Thanks to all of you for your support and love all of these years,” she said.

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