From acting to singing, teen’s future shines brightly

From acting to singing, teen’s future shines brightly
From acting to singing, teen’s future shines brightly | From acting to singing, teen’s future shines brightly

Claudia Lee

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Claudia Lee has already put together quite an impressive resumé of accomplishments that covers television, film and country music. The Lafayette, Ind., native has her eye on doing even more movies in the future.
Not bad for a 15-year-old.
Miss Lee is on a promotional tour across the country as she promotes her forthcoming country music album. Her first single from that album, “Hollywood Sunset,” is now hitting the airwaves.
There is an unmistakable parallel between her and country music superstar Taylor Swift. The comparison doesn’t stop at talent.
Miss Lee comes across as carefree, intelligent and far more mature than her 15 years. Her personality appears well-grounded and she is quite obviously destined to leave her mark on country music.
The bubbly teenager stopped in Union City Monday morning to promote her upcoming album and to talk about her life so far, as well as the future. She was joined by her father, a native of Poland.
Born Claudia Lee Mirkowski, this lively Indiana native has apparently always had a passion for performing and has the support of her parents as she pursues her dreams, according to her website.
It all began for Miss Lee when she was attending a summer camp in Vermont about two years ago. Her big break came at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, where her roommate introduced her to Harry Abrams. He is the president of the Abrams Artists Agency.
Abrams recognized Miss Lee’s talent and invited her and her mother to Los Angeles, where she filmed her first national television commercial within two months. From that commercial her life was quickly filled with auditions and meetings with producers.
Miss Lee landed the role of Elizabeta in the short film “The Circus Girl,” after which she landed a recurring role in season three of the popular sitcom “Zeke and Luther,” which is aired on Disney XD and the Disney Channel.
She plays the part of Bridget, a waitress at a doughnut shop and the love interest of Luther, played by Adam Hicks.
Miss Lee was also recently cast in the role of Magnolia Breeland, the younger sister of Lemon Breeland (played by Jaime King) on the CW television series “Hart of Dixie.”
It is her sincere personality and playful attitude that come across the strongest when you talk to Miss Lee. She appears very capable of handling all the pressures that go along with the life of a young starlet.
When asked about being viewed as a role model, Miss Lee smile as she replied, “That’s what I want to be for many kids.”
When asked about which is her favorite — music, film or television — her infectious smile appeared again. “I can’t choose. I can’t decide. That’s like asking who’s your favorite, your mom or your dad.”
Her musical career is certain to take off with a flourish when her album debuts early next year.
The video for the single “Hollywood Sunset” features Miss Lee cavorting around Hollywood while performing her country ballad. She is accompanied on drums and guitar by Noah, whom she met and became friends with while on a photo shoot in Los Angeles.
Miss Lee actually released her first single and music video, “It Gets Better,” a year ago. That song carries with it a message against bullying which was inspired by the It Gets Better Project, a national campaign against bullying.
Miss Lee has been working with veteran producer Max DiCarlo, who has worked with such talented performers as Elton John and Donna Summer.
Miss Lee said she enjoys listening to all kinds of music, from country to pop and even rap. She said she enjoys the lyrics in rap music and described the genre as “captivating.”
She said she really enjoys listening to Adele and Jessie J.
As for country music, the list is long of those who influence Miss Lee’s music. On that list are Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.
“I’m a huge oldies fan,” Miss Lee said in reference to the last two names on her list of influences.
Judging by her “Hollywood Sunset” music video and her engaging personality, Miss Lee, indeed, has a bright future ahead.
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