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Lambuth University is closing its doors

Lambuth University is closing its doors

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2011 5:01 pm

From AP, staff reports
Officials of Lambuth University have decided to close the school.
After a board of trustees meeting, officials made the announcement Thursday afternoon that the United Methodist Church-affiliated private university would close its doors on June 30, according to The Jackson Sun.
Lambuth has struggled financially for years and was appealing a loss of accreditation, which would mean students there couldn’t obtain federal student loans.
University President Bill Seymour calls it a heart-breaking decision to close the school, which was opened in 1843.
Seymour says all efforts are now focused on graduating about 90 students eligible to receive an accredited degree by July.
News of the university’s closure has been tough on students.
“It’s like a death,” Lambuth University sophomore April Denison told The Jackson Sun Thursday. “I had a plan B in case it did, but I didn’t want to have to use it.
“I’ve only been here two years, but Lambuth has given me so much and I’m so grateful.”
University officials are working on establishing special agreements with four colleges that would allow Lambuth’s undergraduate students to keep their college credits if they transfer to one of the colleges, according to today’s edition of The Jackson Sun. Details about the agreements are expected to be released next week, according to The  Sun.
“Our top priority has been our students,” Seymour told The Sun. “It’s a heart-breaking decision.”
“Lambuth has a responsibility to the community to continue to use this campus for a college,” Seymour is quoted as saying in the Jackson newspaper.
Information from: The Jackson Sun,

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