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Clarendon Chapter celebrates 50 years

Clarendon Chapter celebrates 50 years

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010 2:15 pm

Clarendon Chapter celebrates 50 years | Clarendon Chapter Colonial Dames XVII Century

CHAPTER CELEBRATES 50 YEARS — Attending the Clarendon Chapter Colonial Dames XVII Century 50th anniversary was (from left) Treasurer Carolyn Martin, Faye Henson, Chaplain Doris Mason, First Vice President Blanche Pearson, Registrar Lynda Logan, Second V
The Clarendon Chapter Colonial Dames XVII Century celebrated “Fifty Years” from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, July 25 at Through the Grapevine Restaurant.
Chapter President Charlene Johnson welcomed everyone. She introduced Honorary Tennessee State President and National Handbook Chairman Beverly Wood of Paris, who read a congratulatory letter from the National Society President General Sandra Renzy of Flint Hill, Va.
Clarendon Chapter First Vice President Blanche Pearson passed out programs made by Johnson. The program consisted of a picture of chapter charter, a picture of the Brentwood Country Club where the chapter was organized, a list of 47 ancestors who have been proven by chapter members, a list of past national officers from Clarendon past national officers were Mrs. James B. Givens, treasurer general; Mrs. Charles A. Majors, chaplain general and corresponding secretary general and Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell, historian general and second vice president general. Past national chairmen from Clarendon were Mrs. James B. Givens, national defense; Mrs. Charles A. Majors, marking and preservation of historic sites; Mrs. James G. Roberts, tellers and Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell, headquarters building furnishings and endowment fund.
Chapter past honorary state presidents were Mrs. James B. Givens-1960-63, Miss Ruth Corn-1967-69, Mrs. Richard H. Frank-1973-75, Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell-1997-99, Mrs. James G. Roberts-2003-05 and Mrs. J. Kenneth York-2008-09.
Tennessee “Dames of the Year” were Mrs. M. Dayton Lester-1994, Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell-1999, Mrs. James G. Roberts-2005, Mrs. J. Kenneth York-2009 and Mrs. Ernest T. Logan-2010.
Honorary Tennessee State President Mrs. James G. Roberts read the chapter history. She remarked that Clarendon Chapter was organized July 21, 1960, at the Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood with 27 members from the Middle Tennessee area. Miss Caroline Lanier was the organizing president. Former Tennessee Organizing President and State Organizing Secretary Mrs. Cecil T. Hays presented the charter and conducted the installation of officers. According to national records, the chapter was organized in Mt. Pleasant. However, it has always been called the chapter of Franklin. The chapter was named for “Clarendon Grant” made by King Charles II to Edward Earl of Clarendon on June 30, 1665, which included seven other properties and encompassed lands between the 31st and 35th parallels of latitude, extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The area was property of Great Britain until the Treaty of Paris in 1782, when it became part of North Carolina and included the present state of Tennessee.
Chapter officers serving are President Mrs. Ben Johnson, First Vice President Mrs. Reginald D. Pearson Sr., Second Vice President Ms. Marjorie Hernandez;,Chaplain Mrs. James J. Mason, Recording Secretary Mrs. Owen Deathridge III, Correspondent Secretary Mrs. Charles McCoy, Treasurer Mrs. Chester A. Martin Jr., Registrar Mrs. Ernest T. Logan, Historian Mrs. James Karnes, Librarian Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell and Parliamentarian Mrs. J. Kenneth York.
The serving table was decorated with a lovely bowl of yellow roses, yellow tapers, decorated cake, punch, sandwiches, fruit and engraved 50 anniversary napkins. Twenty people enjoyed the occasion.
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