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I’m LOL from Facebook’s funny ‘fan’atics — :)

I’m LOL from Facebook’s funny ‘fan’atics — 🙂

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2010 8:02 pm
By: By Chris Menees

I’m LOL from Facebook’s funny ‘fan’atics — :) | Chris Menees, Just A Thought
Never say never.
There are a lot of things I said I’d “never” do — and I’ve had to eat those words.
For example, I said I’d never having text-messaging on my cell phone. What’s the point of typing someone a message when I could just pick up the phone and call?
A 13-year-old granddaughter who texts like the wind changed my mind. Now, some of the happiest moments of the day are when my phone chimes to tell me she’s sent me a photo of herself or a funny message.
She sent me a text the other day that jokingly said online giants YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were merging — and would be known as YouTwitFace. I replied that I was “LOL” (that’s “laughing out loud” for my non-texting friends).
I also said I’d never have an account on the social network Facebook.
Once again, the oldest granddaughter was persuasive — and we can stay in touch by “chatting” if we’re online at the same time or by commenting on one another’s posts.
However, I don’t “blog” or “tweet” or whatever it is that you do on Twitter. As far as I’m concerned, tweeting is for the birds.
Sometimes it still seems like everyone else is in the fast lane and I’m sitting on the side of the road on the electronic superhighway.
Fortunately, I’ve found Facebook to be fairly user-friendly — although I have adopted my own unwritten rules for using it.
For instance, nearly all of my online “friends” are relatives or church family. It’s nothing personal against any co-workers, but if I see someone every day at work, I don’t necessarily want to stay in contact or “chat” while I’m at home.
And I don’t play games, take quizzes (some of which are way too personal), send electronic “hugs” to my friends or join an abundance of “groups.” To be honest, I simply don’t have the time.
I’ve become a “fan” of only a handful of worthwhile groups or causes — like Focus on the Family and politician Sarah Palin — and I’ve joined the ranks of followers for a couple of favorite restaurants and television shows.
Once again, by way of the teenage granddaughter, I’ve become aware of the hundreds — make that thousands — of imaginative fan pages people have created for Facebook fanatics to join. People now seem to be making up silly fan pages just for the fun of it.
My 20 or so groups and pages pale in comparison to the granddaughter’s hundreds of page choices.
I’ll give some of them an A for originality, though, and some of my favorite creative ones are:
• “Hi, I’m a teenage girl, and I eat like a man”
• “I’ve eaten plenty of raw cookie dough and still haven’t gotten salmonella”
• “Disagreeing with someone just to annoy them”
• “Why are you getting mad at me? It was CLEARLY your fault”
• “Yelling ‘Run, Forrest, run!’ when you see someone running”
• “Watching yourself on the monitor when you walk into the grocery store”
• “I like how you do your makeup. Do you use a brush or just dip your face in?”
• “Procrastinators unite … tomorrow”
• “It’s funny how having to sit ‘Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl’ use to be a punishment”
• “Dr. Seuss could have been the greatest rapper alive”
• “I sing the alphabet in my head when I look up a word in the dictionary”
• “Using rock, paper, scissors for serious decision making”
• “Yes, I do live in Tennessee. No, I don’t know Hannah Montana … or own a cow”
• “I come from a town where a traffic jam is four cars behind a tractor”
• “Yes, Officer … I did see the speed limit sign, I just didn’t see YOU”
• “I sing along when the commercials come on”
• “I hate when that sad abused pet commercial comes on!”
• “Join if you have ever pushed a door that said ‘Pull’”
• “I hate it when that spider I’ve been keeping my eye on goes missing”
• “The guy who discovered milk … what was he doing with that cow?”
• “No, I’m not being immature. I’m having fun. You should try it”
• “Can these Doritos get more fans than Lady GaGa?”
• “I was gonna post a status, then I remembered I have family on Facebook”
And, finally …
• “Being a fan of being a fan”
They have 372,376 fans and counting.
Make that 372,377.
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