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Newworldson debuts new album

Newworldson debuts new album

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Dec. 6, 2007 – Newworldson will showcase its kinetic fusion of North American roots music on the band’s Inpop Records debut, Salvation Station, in stores Feb. 12, 2008. Produced by Newworldson alongside Justin Koop (Billy Talent, Silverstein), Salvation Station features an 11-song blend of energetic pop, soul and gospel.

“It’s difficult to classify our sound because we draw from different genres, but really, our foundation is soul music,” says keyboardist/vocalist Joel Parisien. “And soul music definitely has sacred roots. So, we want to return this familiar music to its sacred roots, all the while leading people to a place of praise, release, revival and worship.”

And revival permeates Salvation Station, beginning with the title track’s driving beat which then gives way to the steady pulse of “Working Man.” The album also makes room for introspective songs like “Sweet Holy Spirit” and “Waitin’ Till the Rapture Comes.”

“This project is like a child of the new world,” notes Parisien. “It really couldn’t have come from anywhere else, because the mix of styles, the whole history of gospel and blues becoming jazz, rock and hip-hop, that cultural experience happened here in the New World.”

Newworldson won fans this fall opening on labelmate newsboys’ highly successful “GO” tour. The band will again join newsboys for a spring leg, kicking off in February. Additional details are forthcoming.

Newworldson comprises Parisien, drummer Mark Rogers, bassist Rich Moore and guitarist/vocalist Josh Toal, four musicians who came together at a jazz club playing gospel music. The debut radio single “Salvation Station” is currently being played at Christian Adult Contemporary and Christian Hit Radio. For more information on Newworldson, visit or

Founded in 1999 by newsboys frontman Peter Furler, artist manager Wes Campbell and Inpop President Dale Bray, Inpop Records is home to a variety of artists including newsboys, Superchick, Shane & Shane and Mat Kearney, among others. For more information, visit
Posted 12.7.07