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Hooking a winner: Crappie Masters tourney catches on at Reelfoot

Hooking a winner: Crappie Masters tourney catches on at Reelfoot

By: John Brannon Messenger Staff Reporter

Hooking a winner: Crappie Masters tourney catches on at Reelfoot | Roy Logan fishing tournament

Wade Hendren of Ripley (left) and Roy Logan of Dixie community
Messenger Staff Reporter
Roy Logan of Dixie community expressed mixed feelings — “excitement and disappointment” — about the outcome of the Crappie Masters fishing tournament Friday and Saturday at Reelfoot Lake.
“Excited because we finished second. Disappointed because we lost first place by 28/100th of a pound, and it cost us about $50,000,” said Logan, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer for Obion County.
His fishing partner was Wade Hendren of Ripley. Hendren is TWRA wildlife officer for Lauderdale County.
They finished second among 220 two-man teams, each team with its eyes on the prize of $175,000 in cash and prizes.
Fishing began at 6:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday. A weigh-in was held at 2 p.m. each day at American Legion Post 174 at Blue Bank.
Each two-man team was allowed to bring seven crappie to the weigh-in. The bigger the fish, the better the chances of winning hard cash or a big prize.
Photo finish
The 14 crappie brought in by Logan and Hendren weighed an impressive 19.58 pounds. A good showing, yes, but not good enough.
First place went to Allen Chappell and Jason Sandage, both of Bloomfield, Mo., whose 14 crappie weighed 19.86 pounds.
Chappell and Sandage won two Nitro 898 fully-rigged boats and trailers.
Logan and Hendren won a Tracker Pro Team 190 trailer and a fully-rigged boat. Logan places its value at $19,000.
“We both already have boats, so we don’t need this one. We’re going to sell the whole rig and split the money,” Logan said.
No jigs, thank you
Logan said he and Hendren used live bait — minnows — and caught their fish in the Keystone area of the lake in six to eight feet of water. Their biggest fish weighed 1.78 pounds.
“In fact, the only places we caught any fish was on the south end of the lake,” Logan said. “The wind was real bad and the low water level was more of an aggravation than a problem. It seems everybody got hung up on stumps. We pulled several boats off stumps.”
But all in all, he said, it was a good experience. He compliments the Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council for bring the Crappie Master tournament to the lake.
“They did an excellent job planning for the event,” he said. “And Reelfoot Lake proved it can accommodate the big tournaments. You take 220 boats, that’s a lot of pressure on the lake. Also, in the fall of the year, you can go to the big-name lakes and not come out with 14 fish weighing 20 pounds. That’s a big string of fish in anybody’s book.”
Locals do well
Three other two-man teams from this area scored well in the tournament:
• 3rd Place. John Woods and Tracy McIntosh, both of Dyersburg; 18.35 pounds; $5,000.
• 5th Place. John Adcock and Ed Adcock, both of Union City; 18.24 pounds; $2,500.
• 11th Place. Billy Blakley and Mark Pierce, both of Samburg; 16.7 pounds; prize unknown.
• 12th Place. Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman, both of Tiptonville; prize unknown.
Ed Adcock said he and his nephew practiced fished two weeks before the tournament began Friday. “We used jigs and fished the Blue Basin area,” he said. “Our biggest fish weighed 1.67 pounds. The wind was 15 to 20 miles an hour, and it hurt maneuverability but not the fishing.”
Those good ol’ boys
Retirees Cliff Edwards of Murray, Ky., and Jerry Trimble of Hardin, Ky., a two-man team that was the subject of a feature in the Friday issue of The Messenger, finished 17th, their 14 crappie weighing 15.55 pounds.
“We got $540 prize money. The first day, we were in ninth place. The second day, we fell further down,” Edwards said. “We didn’t weigh our biggest fish. We knew the biggest one there weighed a little over two pounds, and we had nothing that could compete with that. But we’re glad we came. We had a big time. A lot of friends commented on the article. I told my daughters (Rita and Renee) what an enjoyment it was to be interviewed by a reporter about my age, and we made the front page, too.”
Coming back
Bobby Brown, treasurer of Crappie Masters Inc., of Lebanon, Mo., said the tournament was very successful, considering the conditions of wind and a low water level. “Only four or five of the two-man teams withdrew because of it,” he said. “Reelfoot Lake is a very beautiful lake. It’s one of our yearly lakes and we’ll be back there in March. We love fishing there and we love coming there.”
Crappie Masters, in partnership with Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council, sponsored the event.
Break time
Logan said now that the Reelfoot tournament is over, he and his partner will take a break from crappie fishing until next year.
“We fish tournaments all year, and we’ve had a good year,” he said. “We finished ninth in one, third in one, and second in two. The last one was the Mississippi championship at Tunica cutoff. We finished second, won $4,000. This one at Reelfoot was the last one this year.”
Published in The Messenger 10.22.07

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