Local Food Network

Local Food Network Food Pantry

FREE FOR YOU — The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network has a pantry in place at 206 Oxford Street in Martin. The pantry offers free food for anybody who needs it. On Saturday, the pantry had yellow squash, cucumbers, lettuce, and two flats of tomatoes. There were even free face masks for anyone who wanted…

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Farm to School: serving local produce in grab-n-go lunches

In Weakley County School lunches last week, they had locally grown, fresh strawberries. Research shows that the most effective way to get kids excited about eating more fruits and vegetables is to engage them in the growing, cooking, and tasting of delicious, fresh produce.  This engagement is where the Weakley County Farm to School Program…

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Greenway offers native edible plants and berries

By Sabrina Bates News Producer While the Brian Brown Memorial Greenway in Martin serves as a getaway for people looking to get or stay healthy, it also offers visitors a unique opportunity to tune into nature. The trail serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and provides a chance to…

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