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Birthday girl donates gifts to St. Jude

By Benita Evans

Special to The Press

Harper Bartholomew is a 10-year-old Martin Elementary student who has an amazing heart. The MES student recently did something that has left a lot of people in awe of this sweet little girl.

For her birthday, Harper asked all of her friends and family to buy gifts to donate to the kids who are patients at St. Jude’s Children’s research Hospital in Memphis.

According to her dad, Kevin Bartholomew, Harper started talking about this idea months before her birthday. He said he encouraged her to think about it before doing it.

Harper did just that and reassured her dad that it was something she really wanted to do. Kevin agreed, and they started letting people know about her decision.

Kevin said it was a “humbling experience” when Harper decided she was going to do it. He said his daughter has always been a loving child and this is just an example of her spirit of generoisty.

Harper said she wanted to do something for people who need it; to do something special for kids that are sick.

Kevin said it was an eye-opening experience. He said, “most of us do things for charity without thinking about the bigger picture.” He said “we look at it as a social event to support a friend.”

“This really reminds us to see the bigger picture rather than going through the motions, Kevin added.

Harper recently held her birthday party at Jump for Joy in Martin and so many of her friends and family members made the event a success.

Harper said she didn’t set a goal but was happy with what she has accomplished.

Kevin said he is proud of his daughter for doing such a wonderful thing for people she has never even met.

The toys she received will make their way to St. Jude’s in the next few weeks.

The event ended up being a huge success for this little angel.

Harper said she would like to do it again next year for her birthday. She also said it was something she would also like to see others do.

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