A plan to rezone residential property has been put on hold in Martin

By: Amanda Mansfield

Press Reporter

Local residents who are selling their property, and seeking to rezone, are facing time constraints as the Martin Planning Commission decides on a landscaping ordinance. During Tuesday night’s City of Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, a rezoning ordinance was tabled during its second reading. Alderman Marvin Flat moved to postpone hearing this ordinance, which would rezone a lot on the corner of University Street and Courtright Road, across from Fast Pace Urgent Care. Homeowners have a buyer who will renovate the existing home into a counseling center. Therefore, the property must be rezoned as a business zone to accommodate the buyers’ plans. However, because the Martin Planning Commission is currently working on an ordinance that would outline how businesses are to maintain the cohesion of the grounds in the city of Martin, the rezoning of this property must be put on hold. While the homeowner expressed his concern over the delay, Alderman Belote reminded the Board that “we need to do the right thing with these developments in this area, and we have a chance to do it now.” He added, “with business zones butting up against residential zones, this is the time to make sure there is a landscaping ordinance in place.” There will be a special called meeting of the Planning Commission within 10 days so the landscaping ordinance can pass before the rezoning is addressed again, by Sept. 8.

In grant news, a $5,000 grant was unanimously approved for the Charger Foundation. The Charger Foundation’s mission is to support Martin schools to become centers of excellence for all students. The grant money will be used to purchase essential school supplies for students enrolled in Martin schools.

A grant proposal that was made in May by Martin Housing Authority was withdrawn. According to MHA Executive Director, Pam Bratcher, due to unexpected money received from the CARES Act, the organization was able to make all necessary improvements in order to adhere to the Rental Assistance Demonstration Project, developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In appointment news, two members, whose terms were to expire, were re-appointed to the Library board of trustees. Those members are Vera Shanklin and Katie Smith, both of Martin. Justin Crice, an experienced city planner, was appointed to the Planning Commission.

The Board also approved an ordinance that would require mail in voting for all Property Rights voters in the city of Martin. Similar ordinances have been approved in all Weakley County municipalities.

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